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    Default Moving a Failed Charge

    Hey guys, I am fairly new to this game and when browsing through the forums people reference assaults as having a longer threat range from shooting units.

    My question is how exactly do you go about moving this failed charge? Since the rules say that you must move the model in a way so it is in melee with the charged model, but you are charging from outside the range, can you move in any direction and stop at any point because all forms of movement leave the model out of combat? So if I use Storm Lances with assault I can charge to the right instead of straight ahead to a warjack and still shoot?

    Would this be allowed under the rules? Or would I have to charge directly towards the Khador Warjack?

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    You have to charge in a direction that would put the model in melee if you had infinite movement to get to the charge target. The maximum distance to either side of the charge target is your melee range.

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