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    Default Constance Blaize and PK Knights

    First of all it should be pointed out that I enjoy themed and fluff armies and in Cygnar and mercs I really enjoys the classic silvery knights feel of Conny and the Precursors. I also appreciate that there maybe more Morrowan Cavalry or Jacks or Colossals or heavy infantry on the agenda and so this might be a premature post.

    There is very little mention of them in either the Cygnar forum or the cygnar facebook page and they seem to be a forgotten caster/unit. The recent change to the errata is really positive and I will be now using her as my pairing with Nemo 3 for tournaments. In the 6 or so games I have played the new Radiance of Morrow spell is great with Harlan and effectively turns Gallant into a six focus Jack. Conny doesn't really do much (maybe throughs out crusader's call once in a game) and is therefore great with the RoM spell as she always has 5-6 focus sitting spare on her to be used by her army.

    The only issue (and hence why revision is needed) is that the new RoM spell has further reinforced the need for Conny to play with PKs and Gallant and Harlan and given that - PK's really need a little love to be more effective than just cannon fodder. With six games experience (admittedly not a lot) I would say that using shieldwall seems only to give the opponent more turns to kill them or ignore them and focus on key models and without Shieldwall they die to pow 8 blast damage consistantly. Changing Radiance of Morrow to the following:
    While in the spellcaster’s control range during their activations, friendly non-warcaster Morrowan models can spend focus points on this model to boost one attack or damage roll for each focus point spent and gain (either +2 ARM or immunity to blast damage).
    Would really help PKs or adding ELITE CADRE [PRECURSOR KNIGHTS] – Friendly Precursor Knights gain Reposition 3" to Blaize's card so that the knights can move quicker up the field in Shield Wall.

    I think this could push her into viability with both Cygnar and Mercenaries.

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    I think the reason Connie and PKs were not addressed is that PP feels new units, solos, and a possible theme force sometime in the future may be the best way to fix them.

    For instance, casters aren't the only people with Elite Cadres. Such rules can also be conveyed through character solos. A unit of Precursor Crossbowmen could also shake up things for Connie since her RoM spell can affect ranged attacks, giving you access to boostable guns on a unit.

    There are a lot of ways I could see them bringing up Connie a bit with future Cygnar and Merc releases. PKs it's harder to tell; even if they get theme force or solo boosts, they still seem like they deserved something in the transition from Mk2 to Mk3. A series of prayers where they can choose different buffs for example.

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