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    Default First game play results: Did we do it wrong?

    We just finished our first game and found the whole thing sadly stagnant. Can someone tell me if we're playing it wrong?

    Our main issues revolved around capturing bases.

    • Shortly in we were able to deploy 2 units a turn. We were never able to exceed this throughout the game.

    • According to our read through of the rules, we can only kill one opponent card a turn. I add all my pow together and choose a opponent's card that is at or below this value. The opponent does the same. We simultaneously remove the two chosen cards.

    • Warcasters are offensive tools only. They rush in, do a thing, then disappear before your opponent's turn. Since we're only killing 1 card a turn, the extra pow or defense was always completely irrelevant.

    Comboing these two issues meant I deploy 2 cards vs opponent's 0 cards. We only check for victory at the START of the active player's turn, so no victor yet. Opponent plays two cards at the same location. We fight, each losing one card. My turn again and we check for victory conditions. 1 card to 1 card, so no victor. Play repeats in exactly the same manner. My wife and I went through the whole Mid Game and Late Game decks on one location. Rushing warcasters made no difference, since they are offensive only and disappear after the 1 battle they participate in.
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    You are not restricted to destroying a single card per turn. Instead, you add the POW from each of your cards and destroy any combination of Health up to that number. No matter which version of the game you have, this should be spelled out in the Battle section on page 10 of the rulebook.

    Game play can be quite interesting, and a typical game should involve a lot of trading and this-or-that scenarios. For two examples, check out my solo recaps:

    The Battle for Pyromalfic
    Let Sleeping Dragons Lie

    Hope this helps!

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