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    Default Trollbloods Painting Question...

    I am getting bunch of Trollblood models for Christmas and I'm new to the army. I plan on using the basic Trollskin blue for most of the minis but I noticed that the chinbuds(for lack of a better name) or bumps on their lower face vary in color. For example, on the Angus studio model they are red, on the Axer they're white, etc.

    Should I use a consistent look throughout my army or would these features vary in color from Troll to Troll?

    I know some of this is a matter of aesthetic choice but I was wondering if there was any lore/standard that should guide my approach.

    Any insights on this?
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    Mine are all consistent for aesthetic purposes. I know of no fluff for the different colours

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    The way I interpret the "troll bumps" is that it's like their quill color, it'll vary individual to individual. Be creative!

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    I did mine fairly uniform with all trooper models having red bumps. For the Full blood trolls I did the lighter Trollblood highlight since it went along with the studio scheme and I figured they would be slightly different from trollkin. Albinos' bumps were painted a flesh color to go with their light pigmentation and Doomshaper's were done in some lighter browns in attempts to show his advanced age and connection to the Dires.

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