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    In light of my recent post about which was better P3 or GW paint it seems as though P3 is the favorite for blending. With that said and some new PoM on the way from (santa just gave me a card with cash in it this year ) I decided to test this out and pick up some p3 paints, only thing is that unlike gw paints i am not familiar with the colors nor do i have a LGS where i can go check them out so i need your guys help.

    I want to stick to the classic color scheme of menoth so white and sanguine, and i would like at least three dif colors to use in my blend with both of these base colors, up to four or five. Can anyone list the paints i need to buy for me?

    By the way, already have the metallics im going to use, I'm perfectly happy using gw paints for that, just wanted to give p3 a shot with the blending. Thanks everyone.

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    the Menoth paint set would be where i started. gives you everything you need for the studio colour scheme and is all i have really from P3 at the moment

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    I definatly buy the box sets when I can. Ther are cheaper than the paint pots individually. If you have any of the older NQ they list all the colors that they use for some models. NQ18 has the painting of Gravus in it. If you can get your hands on and decide how close to the studio paint you want to get that may help. Here is the complete paint list of colors used in the writeup.

    Bastion Gre
    Brown Ink
    Coal Black
    Cold Steel
    Cryx Bane base
    Crys Bane Highlight
    Exile blue
    Greycoat Grey
    Iron Hull Grey
    Khardic FLesh
    Menoth white base
    MEnoth white highlight
    Midlund Flesh
    Mixing medium
    moten bronze
    Morrow White
    Rhulic GOld
    Runsack Tan
    Sanguine Base
    Sanguine Highlight
    Solid Gold
    Thamar Black
    Thornwood Green
    Umbral Umber
    Yellow Ink

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    Thanks for sharing.

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    Be wary of the Protectorate boxset if you don't want to use the red/burgundy color as your main accent, though. Like many people, I love the white ceramic look to the armor, but I don't use red as my accent color or "defining" color. Make sure you know what you're getting out of the boxset first.

    I can almost never justify buying one because it just means I'm going to get a boatload of colors I rarely use.

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