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    Default web cam question

    I have kindly been wanting to make videos of me painting models. I have a decent web cam a Logitech c920 and was wondering if anyone had any advice on where best to set the camera to film the desk and models.

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    Directly to the left or right of where you paint the models. You also want the area to be well lit so people can see what you are painting.

    So its basically within a couple feet of where you are painting your dudes.

    If you are right handed, have the camera on the left, right if you are a leftie.
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    Also, make sure you do a test recording and actually check it before sitting down for the real thing; my C920 goes crazy on certain light settings, you can lose on color, contrast or just noise.

    If you use a Mac, make sure you can adjust your webcam settings (I use "Webcam Settings", a paid app, on Mac). On windows you can use logitech's drivers.

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    I agree -- set the camera up to your left or right (if you paint with your right hand, set it to the left, and vice versa). It drives me nutso when people put the camera directly above the model and backward. It's a really weird view that isn't terribly helpful for mimicking technique.

    good luck!

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