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    Default "Cryx Community" vs "Cryx List Discussion"

    We have two forums: Cryx Community and Cryx List Discussion. I'm wondering what the line is that determines when you post in one, and when you post in another.

    For example, I see lists in posts in this forum, and meanwhile, I've posts lists in the other forum but also posed more general questions at the same time (like, "What does a Mortenebra Tier list have to keep in mind when facing an enemy combined arms list?"). Are there rules as to when a post belongs in the List Discussion, and when they belong in the general Community forum?

    The reason I ask is that posts in List Discussion are far less likely to be viewed and commented on than posts in the general Cryx Community forum. I find that if I'm really seeking advice or guidance, I'm far better off trying to make a more general post and put it in Cryx Community.


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    I am probably guilty of breaking lists rules, but I feel like the list discussion forum seems to be inexperienced players, and this forum feels like more experienced players. I post here when I have questions about synergies and total strategy. I use lists when I need examples.

    In the Unbound list, I was trying to get a feel for the Unbound system and general thoughts on it, not just my list in general.

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    I think the issue lies in presentation. Only one List Discussion thread shows on the Cryx Community page at a time, and so if five threads were created since you were last there, there's no way you could know without clicking on it. I know I go days without looking in there, and I see threads with zero replies fairly often. It feels like a ghost town sometimes.

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    That's because answering list questions is mind boggling boring... I do it every now and then, but only when I've exhausted every other part of the forum for new posts.

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    This is something I've noticed as well. The "List discussion" section is definitely frequented less often, although it can also sometimes be a bit hard to wade through. Popular casters kinda work around in cycles, so there are times when you might see 5 or 6 different threads on the same caster with only minor variations between.

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    A few of us do frequent list discussion for the record. I personally rather enjoy the list building process and like helping where I can.

    Most of it is new posters who just want some feedback.
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    I usually don't post commentary on lists since (1) many players who make threads there asking for suggestions are looking for validation, not feedback, and (2) there's too much recycled wisdom being recirculated without being tested.

    It's very difficult to discuss/debate tactics when one side hasn't tested out their premises thoroughly.. it tends to just keep falling back to established "party lines" - this is really a comment on contributors, not OPs.
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    People check the cryx forums more then the cryx lists forums so posters think if they post their lists in a higher traffic-ed area they will get a quicker or more responses. You should post your lists in the list area and everything else that isn't a list in this area.
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    I too go on in the list forums once or twice, but I think it's been quite some time since I last posted there. I agree on that it has to do with presentation in so many ways. One can easily create a healthy thread that lives on for some time if written in an attention-catching way. It has to, IMHO, stick out from the rest in some way and also include some kind of actual initiation to discussion. A list and the comment: "thoughts?" just doesn't do it for me. This is my opinion on the subject, and no true way of posting or such.

    I think a good example of what list discussion should be like is the "pDenny likes it rough thread" that Obeisance started a while ago. A catchy name, that made people wonder, "what's he got cookin' now?". Then again, most people in there are new, both to Warmachine and the ways the list forum works, so it probably just comes down to that the typical new user post that way. I think maybe trying something like this is a good thought:

    1. Catch peoples attention.
    It's all about marketing. Everything that will make a standard user react enough to open the post is worth it. Once they're in, half the work is done. Selective exposure is to be considered here. People tend to engage in information that comforts and agrees with their own ideas and as a result, they avoid information that argues against their opinion. But, there are ways to create something noticeable without using stuff that pleases peoples opinion...


    Make something that makes people want to know what the thread is about. Something catchy that sticks out.


    Having a short thread name opens up for curiosity and a wider spectrum of people. It also gets more catchy.


    The headline should summarize the story but this can be sacrificed for attention. If the headline is too flamboyant it will be disregarded, make sure it is appropriate to the post. At least include the casters name.

    Just some fun notes on manipulation that shouldn't be too seriously taken
    Here it comes up the noble art the media practices in everyday headlines: Manipulation. As a cryx player this should be quite simple to understand, it's quite the same as baiting out models when going for a caster kill. But here, you bait for interest, not someones caster of course. This is used for creating interesting headlines out of ordinary quotes etc.

    I'll mention some common forms of manipulation and attention catching, but they aren't all useful in the same area of course, but carefully created thread names can sometimes be successful using some of the ones we can't really emphasize in the same way as in everyday life.

    The most classic way of them all. This is one of the less useful ones to us, since we don't share a real country/faction and not all of us serve just one faction. This can be used in some threads, when starting with names like: "Are these Cryx Models Good Enough?" by Ehlihuht, possibly making a "cryx factionist" thinking: "of course they are!" subconsciously before reading what it's about. It can also be effective when using it in threads like "Frustrating loss against hordes" by Turlak1, bringing up the feeling that experienced cryxians might have felt when they started out. Maybe a thread like that can make fellow cryxian players feel the need to help another cryxian player in need, because after all we are on the same side in this. It's built on that we all know how annoying a loss can be sometimes and on the common group it addresses.

    By emphasizing a common fear one can easily create an attention-catching thread. A thread named "facing an Anti-cryx list" or "The worst list I've ever encountered" might be brute examples, but I think y'all get the point. This is actually one of the most effective forms of manipulation, and as you can see on the examples, can be used in wide terms to attract more attention.

    2. Start an actual discussion.


    Read your post afterwards and make sure things look good and sound like something you'd like to read yourself.


    This is all about being humble since you are asking something of someone else: a post. Being polite makes people want to help you.


    Reading stuff without proper paragraphs is something that absolutely nobody likes.


    Make sure that there's something that makes the reader want to continue reading about your discussion.


    This makes it easier to read, and grasp what you think is important.


    Nothing harms your credibility more than a typo in the headline!


    Even something quite simple and basic can be given the feeling of being new stuff or at least seen from a new angle. If there is nothing new at all about the list, than the search function is handy. If there is the slightest variation from an already accepted recipe for success, like the traditional Terminus build, than make a thread about that. Using a standard Terminus build with a seether can be put in the way: "is really the seether optimal for this...".
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