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    Default Gunnbjorn @ 25: All Ranged, All Beasts

    I'm considering picking up some trolls after the current league ends and this list sounds really fun to me.

    Gunnbjorn -5
    -Pyre Troll (5)
    -Slag Troll (6)
    -Troll Impaler (5)
    -Winter Troll (5)
    -Dire Troll Bomber (9 w/ tier)

    Multiple sources of Snipe, Boosted ranged attack rolls from Gunnbjorn's spell, lots of cover from rock walls and his feat, and Gunnbjorn can become immune to almost any element if he needs to.
    From here I can replace Gunnbjorn with Grim Angus for the same points, or i can stick with Gunnbjorn and add a Blitzer and whelps to get to 35.
    Any advice on how to use it effectively or things to change/reconsider?
    One change I can think of is drop the Slag for a second Impaler, switch the Bomber to the Blitzer and put the whelps in at 25.

    Thanks for looking,

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    I think that you probably have too many beasts there to manage all the fury being generated without taking whelps. The Winter is not that effective with any caster but with Gunny it can be decent although there are far better beasts to use with Gunny instead of the Winter.

    I would probably reduce the number of beasts that you take to 3 maximum for Gunny in a 25 point game. The list that I usually take with Gunny at this points level is:

    Gunny (+5)
    Bomber (9)
    Blitzer (8)
    Impaler (5)
    Max Bushwackers (8)

    Basically Gunny casts Guided Fire most turns to boost the ranged attack rolls of himself + beasts and usually puts down rockwall as well.
    The Bomber and Blitzer are there to take on any beasts/infantry that the enemy has while the Impaler acts mostly as a transfer battery for Gunny as well as increasing the range of the Bomber with it's animus.
    The Bushwackers are there to take out any solos that the enemy may have and they can even CRA to pose a dangerous threat to beasts/jacks. With Snipe on the Bushwackers they will be able to CRA and hit the enemy in their deployment zone with a RAT14 POW20 shot or 2 RAT9 POW15 shots which can do quite a bit of damage before the enemy even gets to move.
    I have also on occasionally switched out the Bushwackers for a Max unit of Sluggers as they can put down quite a bit of firepower once they have Snipe cast on them. In one of my recent games against the Retribution they managed to destroy a heavy jack, a light jack and a couple of solos and would have won me the game if I had remembered to put down a Rockwall to protect Gunny from Telekinesis from Rahn which pulled me into range of a battle mage unit the had boosted rolls from Rahn's feat.
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    Thank you for the advice, that sounds like a fun list.
    However, I really want to try out all beast. I agree that I should probably put whelps in with this many.
    How about this:
    Gunnbjorn (-5)
    -Pyre Troll (5)
    -Slag Troll (6)
    -Swamp Troll (4)
    -Troll Impaler (5)
    -Dire Troll Blitzer (8 w/ tier)
    5 Whelps (2)

    It gives me a little back-up melee power with the Swamp Troll dragging and the Blitzer with gunfighter/virtuoso to actually use some of the melee buffs from the Pyre and Slag.

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