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    Default Warmachine in leictershire ?

    So I have been really thinking about getting into warmachine, the models look great and have a nice price to match. The trouble is I can't find a store that sells them. I will buy a few things online for the models but I would like to know how I can start playing the game. There are so many rulebooks so any advice on which one to get would be great.

    More importantly I would like to knpow where I can actually play the game, I live in lutterworth (leictershire) and there are no stores near me (I am looking for a store or flgs that I can drive to in about 30 miniutes). Anyone who knows where I can get a game in please tell me so I can start this fantastic game.

    Oh and I think it is a good idea to mention that the loughborough store is too far away (an hours drive is way to long)

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    from my experience with the store in Loughborough they have very little in stock anyway. It is a shame that you live so far away from my club otherwise I'd offer you a demo, we are (according to google maps) an hours drive away from you as well in Burton on Trent!

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    Default Good news then

    If anybody is interested there is a gaming club in nuneaton called the cube here is they're website Unfortunatly they do not play warmachine yet but with some effort we could get people playing, if anybody wants a game tell me because I will meet you there for some warmachine.

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    Check out these guys.
    My group play at "Dudley Dark Lords" gaming group at Kingwinford comunity center (DY6 8AP) near Stourbridge every Tuesday night from 19.00 to 23.00. Come on down if you fancy a game.

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    You might want to try out Tabletop Tyrant. Its a shop in Leicester and they are open late on a Wednesday for Warmachine.
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