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    Default Upstate NY (Albany) Warmahordes

    If you are in upstate NY (Albany Area) and you are itching to throw down with other WarmaHordes players then stop by Grimfoe Games in East Greenbush.

    We have plenty of space, 5 custom built 4'x8' tables and plenty of terrain. We usually play on Wednesday Nights from 5ish to close (Officially 10pm but usually more like midnight) and have one Tournament a month, usually on the 2nd Sunday of the month.

    Also, by playing on our designated Warmachine nights you earn entry into our "Get Paid to Play Program" where you can win store credit to spend on Warmahordes products by simply playing Warmahordes!

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    Thanks for the info. I am in Albany and just starting the game (Skorne!!!!!!), the problem is my days off are almost always during the week. Having a place to meet others and play WarmaHordes outside of the weekend is great. I will stop in soon.

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    We play mostly during the week, so you are in luck!

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