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    Thumbs up Iesthir and (over) 100 miniatures project log

    I am starting project log. Big one. The principle of this log is to motivate me to paint all my miniatures. From PP, GW, Reaper, Rackham, whatever... All. For further motivation I made a commitment not to buy ANY miniature until I paint at least 80% of miniatures (Wait for me Constance...).
    As mentioned in this thread because of forum rules I'll post pictures of PP miniatures only with exception of group shots of all miniatures, published to present progress of this log. Pictures of other miniatures will be posted on my DeviantArt account.
    Now details, details... List of all miniatures, as well as steps, will be on post below this one. As for steps I decided to follow this pattern:
    1) Filing, green stuffing etcetera.
    2) Priming
    3) Painting
    4) Basing
    Each step is for all miniatures. So for example step 2 ends when all miniatures will be primed, step 3 when all will be painted etcetera.
    For now updates will be rather infrequent, because I have 2 exams on Friday, but I hope that from Saturday I'll start seriously, and update daily.
    So wish me luck!

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    Legend: Done! In the works Not started yet Need paint stripping and/or assembly and priming
    1) Filling, green stuffing, glueing
    2) Priming
    3) Painting
    4) Basing

    Progress photo:

    All miniatures ready for priming. Notice that there are no miniatures currently primed or half painted (e.g. Ol'Rowdy, B13...) also there are some miniatures shipped currently, cause I wait (and I must say that I wait for them quite a long time now...) for Thunderhead, Stormclad, Defender and Storm Lances bought secondheand...
    Privateer Press
    - Grenadier
    - Centurion
    - Thorn
    - Long Gunners
    - Rangers
    - Gun Mages
    - Field Mechanic & Bodgers
    - Jeremiah Kraye
    - Ironclad
    - Ol'Rowdy
    - Gun Mage Captain Adept
    - Black 13 - paint striped
    - Katherin Laddermore
    - Thunderhead
    - Stormclad
    - Storm lances
    - Defender
    - Stormbldes + UA + 3x WA
    - Sentinel
    - Destroyer
    - Juggernaut
    - Koldun Lord
    - Christmas Sorscha
    - Manhunter
    - Zerkova
    - Madelyn
    - Ashlyn dElyse
    - Anastasia diBray
    - Dirty Meg
    - Harlan Versh
    - Lanyssa Ryssyll
    - pScarre
    - Harbringer
    - Kaelyssa
    - Morwahna Autumnblade
    - Paingiver Task master
    Total PP miniatures left to paint: 43 Painted: 20
    Non PP (only more interesting in my oppinion, majority of rest on photo):
    - Steam Tank
    - Sister of Sigmar warband
    - Chronopia Elf army
    - Mordheim stage coach
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    I always have trouble batch painting more than ten at a time. Don't go insane facing the massed hordes of primered minis.


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    Good luck! I envy anyone's ability to paint more than 10 models in a row!

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    Ill keep an eye on this and dont dare to get tired

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    Thanks! Unfortunately Thunderhead and rest of PP miniatures I was waiting for was sent today... So I decided, that I won't be waiting for them (I'll do them when I'll be sick of painting), and start tomorrow by priming ready minis. Which will basically mean that tomorrow I'll have two green steps done, and two red steps ahead
    Proper painting will wait till Saturday. As for painting scheme it will be studio colours with few examples here or there. Here's example of my painted minis, 3 Cygnar Warcasters:
    Kara Sloan - my personal favourite warcaster so far, was challenging but also really fun to paint

    Haley and Stryker

    Right click on image -> Show Image for bigger version.

    Currently all my painted miniatures follow studio colour scheme, excluding one hunter witch is green, cause he's you know... hunter, right (well, second one is blue but whatever... :P)?

    As for batch painting I plan to paint in batches only units and other similar miniatures (e.g. Chronopia Elves, they're basically all the same with different weapons). Other miniatures will be painted in pairs or individually. Unfortunately I'm easily distracted while painting and jump from one mini to another. So typically I end with lot's of half painted minis, and often forget how I really wanted to paint them... and that leads to dilemma: clean them and paint again or think about scheme that will incorporate current paint job.
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    Good luck.. it sounds like a big undertaking.. thanks for sharing your progress so far! I will be watching this thread to see how you make it .. and of course offer some cheer and encouragement! Your warcasters look amazing!

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    Good luck mate, I'm trying to push through to fully painted, but I don't have evn half as much to do as you!

    Nice work so far

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    Thank you again for encouragement!
    Today first update, without pictures but, I can proudly day that all my metal minis have been filed, green stuffed, glued and primed. That's right! No more bare metal!*

    *Unfortunately Mordheim Stage Coach, Thunderhead, Stormclad, Defender and Storm Lances haven't arrived yet... :/

    Well you say: "Ok, but when we will se some real progress.. every one can prime minis, come on..."
    And I'll say: "Patience, good Sir. Day after tomorrow is the day when I'll grab my brush and star swinging it like mad!".

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    First progress!
    Finished Ironclad:

    Theme for miniature: Old, worn out warjack with new paint job, hence dimmed metal and gold and fresh, vivid blue paint.
    Also painted:
    - Centurion Shield
    - Thorn Shield
    - Steam Tank top and Cannon
    Today I'll try finishing Thorn and Grenadier drybrush, maybe lay basic colours.
    News of the day: Thorn have only four fingers! On both hands! O.O
    Also with Ironclad finished I finally got Cygnar battle box fully painted.

    Sorry for the double post, but I think that first progress need something special, not simple edition of previous post.

    Final update for today:
    -Ironclad - finished
    - Thorn - drybrush & basic hull colours - washes, highlights and gold left
    - Centurion - same as Thorn
    - Grenadier - drybrush
    My eyes are melting... Plan for tomorrow - finish Thorn and Centurion, get Grenadier to today's Thorn & Centurion level. Maybe start on gunmages or other infantry. As you can see PP minis have high priority :]
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    The gold around the shoulder pads on that ironclad really stand out. Nice little touches, definitely going to do that on mine.

    Also, diggin rowdy's legs.

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    That is an intimidating pile of models you have there- good luck! Looking good so far

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    Thanks again!
    Yesterday I was to tired to make proper pictures so I am posting them today. I painted 4 Bodgers, 5th is in the painting (I can't decide about his vest and pants colours) and half painted Mechanic (left to do: Metalics on wrenches and parts, skin highlights, blue highlights, details). Here's a pictures:

    I am planning to finish them today and maybe start painting warjacks or something totally different... Don't know yet.

    I got home dead tired, so no new things today. I just finished Mechanic. One Bodger left to finish unit. Tomorrow will be very busy, but I'll try at least finish remaining Bodger and start something new.
    Mechaniks ready. Changed picture to finished one. Today I'll probably paint Gunmages.
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    Today painted (beside few other things):
    -GMCA as test model for Gun Mages
    -Katherine Laddermore on foot (on horse was painted earlier).
    They need finishing touches, which will be applied tomorrow, also tomorrow I'll post pictures, and maybe a little contest (reward will be right to choose what will I paint next, mini will be chosen from model listed in second post). Overall progress is good, not as fast as I planned, but still going forward. Unfortunately Stormclad, Thunderhead, Defender, Stormlances and Stage Coach are not with me yet
    Also I'm thinking about Cleaning Lanyss and starting from scratch... I'll post her picture tomorrow and let you decide.
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    I promised daily updates, and while I pain everyday I don't have time to make pictures, also progress is far less impressing than I initially thought. Current progress includes:
    - Finished Blue on Thorn
    - Completely finished Centurion body and shield, drybrushed hands
    - Drybrushed Grenadier
    - Finished and based Mechanics and GMCA (without static grass, because I'll be batchflocking)
    - Based and allmost finished Laddermore (hands and spear left)
    - Started Gunmages (skin and hats painted, currently painting coats blue)
    - Base colours on Anastasia diBrai (I don't know why her, Disty Meg and Ashlyn weren't in my initial post... fixed this.)
    - Finished and based Madelyn (with grass, because her base was made earlier)

    And now it is official: I hate blue :P

    Oh...And today I bought 10 Stormblades... And found Hammersmith for less than half the price (auction ends Friday).

    The good news: Now I can play Unbound games...
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    Keep at it. Any progress is good progress.
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    They look great so far.
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    Thank you again! Today little progress. As I said I developed severe hatred for blue, so today no Cygnar (in fact I painted mostly non PP minis). So:
    - Finished Anastasia diBray (with base, static grass to do)
    - Painted skin on: Kaelyssa, Morwahna, pSkarre, Dirty Meg, Ashlyn, 2x Damsel, Spellsinger, 10x Sister of Sigmar
    Lots of Boobs and one Great Rack XD
    Today also Stormclad and Sromlances arrived. They need reassembly, and by that I mean: cleaning from glue, glueing again and green stuff work. Still waiting for Stromclad, Defender and Stormblades. I decided to postpone works on today's arrivals, because Defender, Stormclad and Stormblades needs paint stripping. After paint removal I assemble them in one go (with Mordheim Stage Coach) and prime them all.
    Also I decided that I officially hate black primer. From now on I'll use it only on Warjacks (Drybrush!). Infantry will be done only in white. Mainly because it is easier to paint skin and clothes.
    I also picked up something similar to CoolMiniOrNot instant mold. I'll try to use it to replicate some parts from warjacts/infantry (e.g. shields, cygnus, Thunderhead pistons) for objectives.
    I'm sorry for lack of pictures

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    Finally update again, and today with pictures (Yay!).
    So far done:
    - next batch of skin
    - finished Thorn shield
    - cleaned and paint strped some minis.
    - finished Katherine Laddermoore on foot, Dirty Meg, Anastasia di Bray, Madelyn Corbeau, GMCA and Classic Gun Mages (bases finished, look kinda like GMCA base on photo).
    Only static grass left to add (bases with static grass have been done long time ago...)
    Here are promised pictures:

    Painting next: Probably Thorn (as only metal and whethering left) and Rangers but YOU can change it!
    Just find differences in Katherine on horse and on foot paintjob as you can, and then name what should I paint next from the list in 2nd post!

    Also I hate classic Gun Mages sculpts... I painted them really, really long and don't know where that time went, cause I can't see it on the minis...

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    Good luck on your journey - I admire anyone that can make the "Nothing new until I get X%, or Y, or everything I own painted" - because I sure can't.
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    You paint well, but lack of eyes make the models look incomplete. When you paint to a certain level and leave eyes off it detracts from the model, and your skills sir are above that threshold.

    As for Katherine, I would say you missed the gold at the bottom of her shinguard on foot, you silver lined her knee pad on foot and I can't see it on horse, and the pole glow is different, which may have been on purpose I am not sure. But she looks good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harbylove View Post
    You paint well, but lack of eyes make the models look incomplete. When you paint to a certain level and leave eyes off it detracts from the model, and your skills sir are above that threshold.
    Thank you very much! But the truth is I just can't paint eyes. I tried and tried and best what I achieved is on Sloan (which is, well... poor). But patience! I have big problems with painting skin, but somehow now I can do it quite well, so I hope that in near future I'll make similar log, with simple goal: "Paint eyes in all my miniatures". Thank you very much for your compliments, and I hope that you will drop by again!
    As for Katherine, I would say you missed the gold at the bottom of her shinguard on foot, you silver lined her knee pad on foot and I can't see it on horse, and the pole glow is different, which may have been on purpose I am not sure. But she looks good.
    Correct! You have right to chose what should I paint next!
    All changes are half-purpouse. Horse version was painted long time ago, foot yesterday, and I just changed my previous idea to match her with stormblades and stormlances, which will be painted that way. I should probably strip horse version and paint it again to keep coherent look, but I think that it would be lost time. Maybe when I'll be bored I'll try to apply changes on horse version. As for pole glow - it's a mistake

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    I wouldn't say to strip Laddermore on horse, she looks pretty good as is! Just some minor touch ups would do the trick. You kept the metallic blue very similar for the length of time elapsed. I would say if you highlight the cape, the horses cloth, repaint the gold straps blue on her shin, and line the knee cap (all done in around half hour) you save precious time and maintain a cohesive look. I cannot really see Sloan's eyes, but I did notice they were there. You seem to be pretty hard on yourself (as all good painters are lol, I am guilty too) but I think you just need to practice practice practice! Start without getting fancy, use a 20/0 brush with around 3/4 of the bristles cut off to black, then white dot, then black dot. No need to try being cute with colored iris's, I am just starting to have fun with that.

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    Thanks again! I'll try.
    And now another update: Harlan Versh and Ashlyn d'Elyse are finished! That means that when I paint Lanyssa I will have all my mercenaries painted. Here's obligatory photography:

    Also painted few GW miniatures. And probably that's what I'll be painting now. They are bigger and less detailed hence easier to paint. And I need rest and relax before B13

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