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    Default DMZ released or delayed?

    Hey, I'm considering buying into some monpoc "to play with my kids", and I'm wondering on the status of the DMZ boxes. Did they get released in July, or were they delayed? My two favorite game websites (no local store alas) and a third that seems dedicated to Monster Apocalypse either don't list the DMZ's, or are still selling pre-orders. What's the deal?

    Thanks in advance.

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    They're out, they're in stock at various places in the UK at least.

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    Ah, ok. Thanks for the info.

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    If it was released, it was a quiet release.

    Game Trade Magazine doesn't show DMZ on their new releases list.

    MiniatureMarket, TrollandToad, CoolStuffInc, and Thoughthammer don't even have DMZ listed.

    The only site I've seen selling DMZ is TeamCovenant.

    It's possible TeamCovenant got their shipment early and was allowed to sell it before the official release date. It's also possible we are past the release date and the major online retailers decided DMZ wasn't worth trying to sell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandor View Post
    It's also possible we are past the release date and the major online retailers decided DMZ wasn't worth trying to sell.
    In all fairness to retailers, I wouldn't order and new Monsterpocalypse products either if I still had hundreds of boosters in the warehouse that I couldn't shift even with a huge discount. Especially a product that makes all the said boosters in my warehouse completely redundant.

    DMZ is an awesome product, but retailers already got burned bad with the brand once. Many will be unlikely to stock it unless their customers express an interest (hint hint!)

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    As same one who plays in uk, I got my bot of DMZ Maelstrom games. But not sure how much stock will still be in.

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    I got 6 boxes of DMZ (a case) a week ago with all 6 factions. 5 out of 6 boxes had 4 unit types (the last box had some issues). 3 unit types came with 3 grunts and 2 elites and then 2 other units to roundout 17 rather than 16 total units.

    From a consumer standpoint I think it is great that it is no longer in a collectible format. The game interested me, but the collectable standpoint turned me off.

    I am not sure why Monsterpocalypse is not being pushed. I just hope we have DMZ 2 so I can collect the other 6 factions.

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