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    Default Where to buy Wrath in Edmonton, AB?

    Comex in Kingsway is sold out, Red Claw doesn't carry Warmachine anymore.

    Where can I get it? Anyone know?

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    I am in Edmonton and I always buy online. Warp 1 carries Warmahordes but I think they are a rip off and I won''t shop there.

    Try They have been great service for me.
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    Just north of you in St. Alberts is a place called Thunderground Comics. The owner Roy is a great guy and sells a lot of stuff a little under MSRP. Give him an email at
    thground@t​elusplanet.​net with the header Warmachine Wrath. If he doesn't have any in stock I am sure he will find you a copy quick as I said he is a great guy who really seems to care.

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    Thunderground and Warp One both are out. They are saying PP is saying a month before more come in...

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    I was talking to my friend who works at Warp on the weekends and he mentioned that their main Canadian Distributor for games recently had a fire at their office/warehouse. That might also be playing a factor as to why Warp and Thundergrounds can't get it sooner?

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    Please feel free to send me an e-mail or drop by. Our timeline so far for events:

    *Wrath Launch Party: Saturday, August 27 at 1 PM
    *Shattered Grounds: Sand Narrows: Saturday, Sept 31 at 1 PM
    *Steamroller: Saturday, October 29 at 12 Noon
    *Domination Launch Party: is somewhere in there too, I don't have an eta on the kit

    Unfortunately, PP stuff has been difficult to get in. The eta for backorders I am told is approx 6-8 weeks. I am always trying to get more stock, but the question is whether or not that stock is available from PP (not an attack on PP, they are doing the best they can).

    Unless you order online, you may have no choice but to wait with the rest of us.

    If you're looking to play, we're always looking to meet new players. ATM, I am working with a couple new groups that requested a demo (and a painting tutorial, butthat will happen later).

    Drop me a line if you can at

    And, thanks for all the kind words, Laingg!

    Roy Kim
    ThunderGround Comics

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