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    Question Missing Stat Cards

    Do Khador Man-O-War Shocktroopers or Demolition Corp models come with Stat Cards?

    I got four unopended Man-O-War blister packs to find two packs contained Man-O-War Demolition Corp models and no stat cards in any of the four packs.

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    The unit boxes come with cards, however the additional troops do not.
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    Matt_The_Man has it.

    The blister packs are the supplement packs to expand upon a minimum unit. Recently Privateer Press has been moving away from that format to consolidate retail space in stores.

    If you plan on getting more blister packs for you unit (i'm assuming that your getting it pretty cheap from another party) then i'd recommend picking up the Khador faction deck. Just note that the deck does not contain any of the Wraith releases as well as Bombardiers. It only contained the cards for models that were released at the time
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