Hello PP crew, first i want to thank you for this great game it give me a lot of fun for the last months, now i have a question, we play in a gaming store in our city in Colombia, we are 7 guys who make an effort and buy some from stores in the US. But we like to know how the store where we play can sell your products, making more easy to us to get more of your products and attract more players, i know we can, but having to buy in the US discourage a lot of new players here. I know the store can stock and distribute a lot of product to the rest of Colombia, no only our city, because the store its a retailer of Magic the gathering and Yugi Oh! here in Colombia, and the store run Nationals Tournaments, PTQs, FNM and Yugi Oh Tournaments with 50-80 participants in the biggest tournaments.
I'm not the owner, only a player in that store and with a friend we are trying to recruit more and more players, teaching how to play (we allow others use our minis) and how to paint, we want to make bigger this game here in Colombia but we need a good retailer here.
I know the owner send 3 mails asking for the distribution but with luck, he don't answers from PP. How he can get the distribution?

Thanks for reading and excuse my no so good English