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    Default studio brushes vs hobby brushes

    Can someone explain the difference between the 'studio brushes' vs the 'hobby brushes'? Looking at the pictures they look the same size, etc but based on the price, I'm assuming theres a difference. My store only carries one of the brushes, so I'm trying to decided what I should order.


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    The studio brushes are natural hair, whereas the hobby brushes are synthetic.
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    A lot of people swear by the a natural brush's ability to hold paint and make fluid stroke when compared to their synthetic counterparts. I have yet to have a chance to invest in these brushes so I cannot comment whether they actually do. I know a lot of the best painters I have seen use Series 7 brushes.
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    Kolinski sable doesn't curl/deform over time like the synthetics. A little more $ up front but cheap in the long run if taken care of. W&N Series 7 are really good, but Raphael or Rosemary & Co are slightly better IMO

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    it all depends on preference. personally i prefer a synthetic brush because of the bit of spring and snap there is to the bristles, it allows for sharper finer hard lines, but they aren't as good for things like dry brushing or wet blending.
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    The P3 studio brushes are no where near as good of quality as a W&N series 7, Raphael, or DaVinci natural hair brushes.
    My experience with the P3 studio brushes has been that they bloat, and fill with liquid, and do not hold a point at all.

    The Hobby line of P3 brushes are very good however, and are some of the best synthetics out there.
    I use a mix of W&N Series 7 for my non-metallic paints, and for fine details. I use the P3 Hobby brush synthetics for my metallics, washes, and base coats.

    I don't recommend the Studio P3 brushes, but I highly recommend the Hobby line of brushes.
    If you want a good natural hair brush, then spring for one of the three brands I mentioned above; they are currently the best on the market in my opinion.
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