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    Ok guys, I ordered from them at the start of last week bare in mind I needed the items for a tournament that's being held week today. I payed for express delivery after nothing turned up by Thursday I have tried ringing and mailing only to finally receive an email back today saying thy are now closed until the 16th of Sept so I can't even get a refund to purchase from somewhere else.

    I am furious as I am now going to have to miss the tournament now and lose out on the money I spent on the ticket. I will not be using them again.

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    I ordered stuff from them on the 29th and it arrived on friday. It does say in the delivery section of their webpage that they will be closed till the 16th, guess they could have put that in a more promonent place. A good thing about Arcane minis is that if they dont have it in stock it does say on their site, Ive had that problem with other retailers in the past where they claim its available and a month later they admit "oops, its out of stock" which is equaly annoying.

    Buying stuff over the interweb is never a precise science, s**t happens.

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    The "closed till Sept 16" went up after I ordered which why I'm so pissed. Have ordered from maelstrom instead now fingers crossed it gets here before Thursday/Friday

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