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    Default Brush cleaning with Silicoil

    Does anyone else use Silicoil brush clean and find it just is not doing the job. I have cleaned my tanks and put fresh fluid in them, but it seems that is just does not get the brush fully clean of all paint. Am I using the product wrong, or is it just not that great to begin with?

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    I am not sure what your using... do you have a pic or link to the product your talking about as I have issues with brushes and would like some help with keeping the expensive ones lasting

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    both of mine do a pretty good job and they're beginning to get paint stains on the glass and coil due to a lot of use. they still work really well. Chances are your not using it right or often enough. Use fresh water and "paint" the coils before paint can dry on the bristles. If paint dries on the bristles before cleaning the brush, it's going to stay there, pretty much permanently. (although brush soap may clean it up a bit)

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