while this is unlikely, Im gonna post this here in hopes that some enterprising young artist wants to help a club out.

Story Time!

Recently, myself and a group of friends from our LGS decided to man up and play at a tournament being hosted in our area. We like to think of ourselves as fairly decent players and figured we'd have a chance of doing some damage there.
A few soul crushing hours later we found ourselves at the bar staring at Win loss ratio of 1:5 over the course of the weekend each. (woooo...)

BUT that only made us more passionate! We decided to form a club of our own, something to be proud of and start learning to be better players.
Which is why we are looking for an artist.

We require a symbol for our club, something to put on a shirt that will unite us.

We are canadian's proud and true, Wargamers with a passion that love Warmachine.... and beer...cuz Canada.

If someone takes up this request, it needs to be a solid distinctive outline that can be easily transferred to material. Personally I like PP's take on the RAM models, and think something like them would work.

Anyways, Any help would be appreciated as I haven't drawn in years and my sketchs are looking ill suited for our design.

Thank you for looking.