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    Default King kondo riot trigger with swat. Order?

    So, ultra kondo has riot trigger on power attacks. A swat makes 2 attacks, and both are power attacks, so both must trigger the riot.

    unless swat only applies the triggers to the second attack, since the rule book only mentions that second getting triggers and reactions...?

    but I'm pretty sure both attacks get their triggers. If so, swat says to resolve the current attack before making the second attack, and the timing of attacks says to completely resolve the current attack before resolving triggers. So, does kondo grab a unit, run through buildings, throw the unit, and then run through some more buildings? Because if so, that's awesome.
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    Warning am shift body clock so current writings may ramble.

    Nope to the first paragraph from the rule book "Riot - Once each turn, if the dice in play include 1 or more P-Dice, this monster can make a rampage, stomp, or ram power attack with dice in play", so yes it triggers but it only does it's effect once per turn.

    As to the final paragraph from memory cause I can't find the site mirror of the old forums and they still haven't brought in the old rulings in their useful completeness.

    You fully resolve the power attack with it's linked secondary attack before you get to apply the new power attack off of Riot.
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    Riot is once per turn. and from the latest FAQ

    p. 36. Replace the first three sentences of Swat with the following:
    “To make a swat attack, first make an attack roll against an adjacent
    target unit. If this attack hits, that unit is crushed and you choose an
    enemy figure or a building within 5 spaces of the attacking monster.
    Make a second attack against that figure using the dice in play.
    Resolve the second attack of the Swat before any additional attacks
    created by Triggers.”
    So only one Riot after the second Swat attack.

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