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    Okay, so I bought a box of 2010 MK2 stat cards and I did not see the bane thrall UA card. Did I miss something?

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    The 2010 Stat cards are cards for every unit that was around at the time Privateer Press released the MkII ruleset January 2010. Units that have been added to the game after that time (including the Bane Thrall UA) are not in that deck, as you have found. However, if you are so inclined, they are in the Forces of Warmachine: Cryx book. This includes other units such as Satyxis Blood Witches, Ripjaw arc node, etc.

    Even though you are missing the cards, if you are looking to proxy then you can piece together what the UA have and do through things like Battle College. Essentially the Officer has +1 MAT over a standard guy and five hit boxes. The Standard Bearer is no different from a normal guy. And of course there's the extra stuff they do, which is listed on Battle College.

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    Ah, IC, I thought they were out by then.


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    nope, if i recall they were the first things released for cryx in MKII
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