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    Default Video Battle Reports?

    Hey all,

    I saw a really great video battle report while back on RHQ-TV-- Jamie P's Khador v. some Cygnar. I was wondering: are there any more great video battle reports out there? I found it to be a great format, super informative and entertaining.

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    I go to youtube every week or two and type in "warmachine battle report" and then sort by "Upload Date". I watch just about every one that gets put on youtube. There are several that go up every week. Some great, some mediocre... but still... lots to be had.

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    If i remember correctly the battle report you mean is the one that shows all the dicerolls in the corner of the screen. If so, that was a great report but very time consuming to make which i think is the reason why there are only few around.

    Twice a week my gaming group uploads a video battle report, you can find them in the battle reports section of the forum or in the link in my signature. Not all battles are very close, some end sudden but unexpectedly and some are just comming from a mile a way, but all are battles as they happened in our group. Hope theres something among there that you like.

    Oh yeah, you can also look for our channel on youtube if you search for bitzandpiecesnl
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    You should check out miniwargaming's beat matt bat reps, the warmahordes ones that is. They are probably the most interesting to watch. I also really like "Marth and the Machines" and Steampowered TV. You can find there stuff on

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    Starweaver's really are great, and I like VaulSC's. Vaul mostly plays Circle.

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