the following is a walkthrough of a battle I fought out yesterday.

Terminus vs pKaya


- Stalker
Satyxis raiders (min)
- Seawitch
Raider captain
Bloodgorgers (min)
General Gerlak Slaughterborn
Revenant Crew (min)
Revenant cannon
captain Rengrave
Black banes ghost raiders (min)

- Feral warpwolf
- Pureblood warpwolf
- Argus
Woldstalkers (min)
Shifting stones
- keeper
Sentry stone & mannikins
Blackclad wayfarer
Lord of the Feast

Going in I knew both lists where not optimized. My blackbanes would not be very safe with the abundance of magical attacks. To top it off there are not that many souls on the field, so the feat will not be too uber I think.
Pkaya's list would have a hard time taking out terminus, but feral to face or heaven forbid feral and pureblood to face is all it will take. The list also looks like it will be able to take out most of my armie without too much trouble.

I spread out with from left to right: Blackbanes, bloodgorgers, Gerlak, machinewraith, terminus, revenant crew, rengrave, cannon, stalker.
Opponent left to right: Woldstalkers, warwolf, gap till center, feral, pkaya, blackclad, pureblood, gap till right, Gorax, warwolf
AD Terminus: Satyxis set up across the woldstalkers accompanied by captain.
AD Kaya: Sentry stone accross from raiders, shifting stones in the center, LotF center

Turn 1:
Terminus: 1 focus to stalker. activate, cast malediction and move up a bit. Satyxis spread out a bit and only move up a couple inch (I have far greater threatrange then the sentrystone or woldstalkers). Blackbanes faint right to get away from the woldstalkers. Rest run up and catch up with raiders..
Kaya: sentrystone shifts back to get away from the raiders. Woldstalkers move right. Shiftingstones shift up and form a triangle (mistake 1) Pureblood runs into the triangle. feral runs up to pureblood. the rest positions a bit. kaya casts occultation on the pureblood.

Turn 2:
Terminus: Malediction is upkept. Raider captain moves and sets a desperate pace on the raiders. The raiders charge the pureblood and a shiftingstone. 4 get to the warpwolfs, 3 hack at the stone. Seawitch feats and takes down a shiftingstone. 2 lacerator CMA (2 raiders each) and a headbutt CMA and the pureblood is down to 1 health (good rolling). The feral took 5 damage from another headbutt. Revenant crew charge another stone and the keeper. Stone is killed, keeper survives. Terminus flies forward and protects the rev captain and sits on 5 focus. Rengrave runs up to stop a trample to terminus. stalker repositions a bit. Machinewraith runs into contact with the LotF. Rest moves up.
Kaya: 2 Mannikins move up and spray over the raiders, killing the seawitch (boost from fury on sentrystone) and 1 gorger. Woldstalkers move up and start shooting. they knock down 2 revenant (tough) and take out a blackbane. LotF swings at the wraith and misses on double 1. Blackclad takes out the wraith after a charge. Gorax moves into kaya's controlrange (was just out). rest move up. Kaya gates the gorax to the warpwolf. (no clue why but I will take it). She the Fearl for 2 and sits on 1. Ferals take down only 2 raiders that where engaging him because of bad rolls. He clears a path for me in doing so.

Turn 3:
Terminus: FeatTurn Upkeep malediction and keep all focus. Terminus charges the Gorax, feats and hits 2 times for nice damage. Then 2 misses on double 1. Third hits, Gorax is left on 5. I decide to keep 3 focus and leave the beasts to my infantry. Captain moves up and takes a shot at a woldstalker, killing it. Raiders engage the pureblood and a warwolf and woldstalker. Warwolf dies (1 soul), stalker is missed. 1 raider hits the pureblood with a crit, failing to damage. Then a 2girl CMA takes out 4 boxes, killing the beast. (2 souls) Blackbanes engage the keeper and kill it, creating a blackbane. (sad face for no soul..) Cannon shoots at argus, hits and kills it. (3 souls). rengrave charges LotF and does only 2 damage. Revenant move and engage the LotF. Fail to hit/wound. 2 other crew shoot the warwolf, killing it. (4 souls). Bloodgorgers charge the feral. first takes out a big chunk of damage from the feral despite plates. (malediction helps). The second gorger taes it out. (5 souls) Gerlak moves up a bit because he has nothing to charge.
Kaya: Kaya looks at the field and decides it is better to be a living coward then a dead "Hero" and flees away off the table

Terminus is a nice, easy to use caster. Even with so few souls on the field he gathered enough to make him close to invincible. It helped that my opponent misjudged chargedistances (or rather underestimated) and gathered all beast in 1 place. Being able to take down the warwolves was a nice added bonus. This also made me somewhat invincible with Terminus as arm 28 is a #$%^ to go through with this circlelist and no more beasts. Other units that did well for me where the satyxis, nearly slaying a full health warpwolf with 4 and surviving the returnstrike with almost half the unit intact. Although the list I used will struggle against armouheavy lists I like the speed and the fact it has a lot of options.

Kaya had a nice list IMHO. it is able to threaten heavys (gorax animus and feral/pureblood) and threaten infantry (LotF, woldstalkers, sentrystone). I think the beasts should have spread out a bit more and the shifting stones should not move this far forward without good reason. A lot is experience with playing the list.