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    Hi guys I've started writing up a report of SmogCon, an "amercian" style warmachine convention which took place here in Britain last weekend. Hopefully you guys will find it an interesting read and maybe tempt some of you over for next year!

    I've broken it down into 3 parts: venue, location and games in order to make it easier to write and read. Links are below, Enjoy!

    Smogcon Report Part I: Venue
    Smogcon Report Part II: Event
    Smogcon Report Part III: Conclusion
    Smogcon Report Part IV: Hardcore
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    Part IV: Hardcore up

    Been neglecting the hobby this week so sorry for the delay.

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    I missed this. Awesome stuff. I'm hoping to make it over from Ireland myself next year.

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    Hi Panzar,

    I was the Khador player from your 4th game, and your Cryx opponent in game 2 was my friend who joined me in getting to SmogCon via blowing up a car :-) Was a really tense finish to our game, and the dice did fail you with that assassination run. I was looking back to see what I should have done to keep the Old Witch safer towards the end, and think I should have switched Iron Flesh to her once the WGI were really depleted. But a really fun, brutal game!

    Any pics of the Behemoths meeting on the central hill followed by both spriggans scrapping the two of them..?


    P.S. Oh, and I think the Circle player you played was Martin? Eventual 2nd place for the whole tourney. I played him round 1, and came so close to winning
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