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    Default IK 3.5 Identify and Mechanika

    For those veterans of the IK 3.5 version, how do you handle identifying mechanika? Do you do it the same as with magic items, just use the identify spell? Or would you use a Craft (Mechanika) or Knowledge (Mechanika) to determine the rune plates, how many are left, charges in accumulator, etc?

    Thanks in advance.

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    My own way:

    Detect Magic - tells you that the item is magical, and with Spellcraft checks can let you tell what school and type its active powers are.

    Identify - tells you all the item's powers, how to trigger them, and how many charges remain. It does not tell you how to craft the item, which rune plates or components are which, etc.

    Spellcraft- successful check to recognize a spell-effect being duplicated by the item

    Knowledge (mechanika) - recognize component parts (this is a rune plate, that is a socket, those are conduits, etc) but not identify which rune plates are which (for that, you need Read Magic). Understand schematics. Use in conjunction with Creature Lore to remember or research the properties of mechanikal construct monsters, along with servitors and steamjacks.

    Craft (mechanika) - recognize general item types, operate mechanikal items without failure, attach and remove accumulators and rune plates, assemble mechanikal items or constructs with appropriate Craft feats.

    The lines between Knowledge (Mechanika) and Craft (Mechanika) are blurry sometimes, but if the PC is trying to do something to an item, odds are it's the craft skill at play. I don't let players have specific item names without an Identify spell or Read Magic, but if someone flips the switch on a sword and it starts crackling with electricity and shocks people it stabs, the wielder doesn't have to pretend they've never seen a Mechanikal Sword of Shocking before.
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