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  1. L2 Wargame: Warmachine Podcast
  2. Welcome! Please Read :)
  3. Combo Smite Battle Report Podcast!
  4. Et pour quelques couronnes de plus (podcasts en franšais / french speaking podcasts)
  5. Beermachine and Beermachine: Iron Kingdoms BeeRPG
  6. Dark Guidance: An Australian Podcast *mostly* About Warmachine
  7. House Shyeel Podcasters! - The Retribution Podcast
  8. A Matter of Pact: A Minions Warmachine and Hordes Podcast
  9. Countercharge, a midwestwargaming Dojo & Battle Report podcast
  10. Painting with MenothJohn: A Drinking Podcast with a Painting Problem
  11. Counter Slam Podcast Update!
  12. Crippled System Podcast and Lost Aspect Podcast + more
  13. Psychic Hunger- A NEW podcast about the Cephalyx sub-faction!
  14. Moosemachine and This Deathclock has 60 Minutes: Games and Guests eh.
  15. Looking for Podcasts discussing WTC Lists / Meta
  16. Counter Slam Live Game: Kallus2 (Legion) vs. Elara2 (Retribution)
  17. CalabozoCriollo WarmaHordes UNBOXING!
  18. Boxcars Warmachine and Hordes Podcast
  19. Warmachine Video - Rhupert Carvolo
  20. Vassal of Menoth (Video)
  21. Choir of Menoth Guide (Video)
  22. The Four Horsemen of the Monsterpocalypse - New Episodes!
  23. Offical PP youtube videos