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  1. NQ4 Monstrosities
  2. NQ Scenarios
  3. Bonus Command Cards
  4. Double activation for 10+ point models
  5. Quality vs Quantity: is there a sweet spot?
  6. Where does one find the Requisition Costs for models released in 2018 and beyond?
  7. Monstrosities and Rage Fueled: do they gain focus?
  8. Homebrew Scenario
  9. Unit commander
  10. Unit abilities
  11. Clarification on Mercenaries in COI
  12. [NQP#5] Khadoran Jacks
  13. Rule Addendums
  14. Injured models do not grant abilities.
  15. Company of Iron: Journeyman Warcasters and Lesser Warlocks
  16. Sergeant Dragadovich can't be a commander?
  17. Cygnar "Minuteman" Company of Iron Rule Clarification for Bounding Leap Ability
  18. Scrapjack
  19. Talion Boarding Party
  20. How to measure CMD for order and abilities when Leader is removed from play?
  21. NQP04 Farrow Salvage Crew
  22. Hydra Warjack focus
  23. Can Privateer Press upload CoI version of the core box cards to the card database.
  24. Ajusting the Casualty Roll for faster games.
  25. Requisition Cost for Underchief Mire
  26. Legions Forsaken solo does not work in CoI
  27. Priority, round, and model activations
  28. Updated Requisiton Costs for Infernals, Hermit of Henge Hold, Steelhead Solos...?
  29. Company of Iron no longer for sale?
  30. How does essence work in CoI?
  31. Regna Gravnoy + Infernal Horrors
  32. Can this be fixed?
  33. Fleet on Warjacks