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  1. CoI: what is the right way to ignor references.
  2. Company of Iron: Power Swell and related Mini feats
  3. Company of Iron - Core Rules - What You Need - Command Cards and Commander Upgrades
  4. Company of Iron: Can Marshalled Jacks use Powerful Attack?
  5. COI: healing injured models
  6. COI : casualty roll on an injured model
  7. COI: Does selective rewording deny Cryx of using partisan cephalyx
  8. CoI: Mercenary Minion models list building
  9. CoI: Espionage
  10. COI: extended control range
  11. COI: Jack Marshalling Rhulic Jacks
  12. COI: Knockdown and DEF
  13. COI: Base game Scenario 3 "Raiding the Raiders"
  14. CoI: Spawning Vessel
  15. CoI: Incubus
  16. CoI: Using an Animus
  17. COI: Vengeance Timimg
  18. COI question on CRA
  19. COI: Assault and Gunfighter
  20. CoI: Prey
  21. COI: Drag Below and Injured
  22. COI: Injured and continuous effects
  23. COI: Berserk
  24. COI: Souls from reanimation/prep for surgery
  25. COI Powerful Attack
  26. COI Bundle and Legal Lists
  27. CoI Mercenaries and Minions
  28. [Company of Iron] Single-wound models and the Commander status
  29. CoI: Removing Injured Effect
  30. CoI: Convergence Infantry and the Variable Rule
  31. [Company of Iron] Melee range and front arc
  32. [Company of Iron] Spawning Vessel
  33. COI: Necrotech creating scrap thralls.
  34. COI: Raluk and Mercenary Jacks in Minions
  35. CoI Primal and Trample Questions
  36. [Company of Iron] Animi that target a Warbeast Pack
  37. COI Attacking a Disabled model
  38. COI: Stationary for one round on an already activated model.
  39. COI: losing incorporeal
  40. Company of Iron: Weapon Crews and the Man-sized Rule
  41. COI: Lanyssa Ryssyl in Retribution.
  42. CoI: Oracular Vision and the focus rule
  43. COI: Razor Boars and reqisition bonus
  44. CoI: Hot Meal on injured model
  45. COI: Regeneration without Spirit?
  46. CoI: Large based models and Cephalyx Monstrosities
  47. COI: Doc Killingsworth War room bug or working as intended?
  48. [CoI] Confirmation: Battle Plans on Command Cards vs. Battle Plan Abilities
  49. COI: Berserk text vs casualty roll
  50. COI: Lost Patrol (Scenario 1) mission markers