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  1. Bug? Tactial Tips in War room
  2. War Room 2 and Store issue
  3. Exemplar Theme issue?
  4. jsondeserializationexception: Illegal JSON sequence
  5. Defenders of Ios theme force
  6. Warroom crashes after battle engine update
  7. Horthol, long rider hero not counting as a long rider for benefits or inclusion...
  8. Lost Library of Owned and Painted Models
  9. War Room PDF viewer asking for password
  10. Incorrect HP for Winter Guard Gun Carriage
  11. Unable to open warroom on iPad mini
  12. Grymkin Gremlin Swarm
  13. Old witch 2 unable to take attachments
  14. grymkin in war room
  15. 0 point grymkin
  16. House Shyeel Artificer Base Size
  17. Kriel Company, Krielstone UA
  18. Zerkova2 Available in Khador as a Non-Warcaster
  19. Kriel Company - Should Boomhowler & Co. count towards free points?
  20. Missing Una 1 Portrait
  21. Theme Force Card Additions
  22. Lady Karianna Rose NullReferenceException
  23. Adding Warjack/beast crash issue
  24. Not updating for kindle fire?
  25. Zerkova 2 listed as a solo available to add.
  26. Plain Text Rules in War Room?
  27. Warroom won't install on Samsung tablet
  28. Gallant not allowed with connie in sons of tempest
  29. Card Database query
  30. Issue with the CYGNAR Heavy Metal
  31. Zerkova2
  32. Jonas Murdoch not counting towards free points in Gravediggers Theme Force
  33. Database Failure
  34. Dannon Blythe and Bull in Kriel Company
  35. Eilish in Grymkin themes
  36. Select friendly cards not working
  37. Skorne - The exhalted theme issue
  38. Nyss units and Electromancers in Defenders of Ios
  39. Skorne Masters of war theme does not allow Rhadeim
  40. Horthol Long Rider Hero used to count towards free cards
  41. Mercenary Theme - Irregulars - Solos not counting as free
  42. Sylys Wyshnaylrr not Selectable with Zerkova2 in Wolves of Winter
  43. Dannon Blythe & Bull not counting for free points in Kriel Company
  44. Kayazy units not appearing in Khador theme lists
  45. Llaelese Resistance - Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer cannot have jack attached
  46. Lleal Theme Sylsy not counting towards free cards
  47. Valachev in Armored korps
  48. Possible Theme List Merc Unit Bug
  49. October 25th Update - Company of Iron Support
  50. latest update nuked war room 2