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  1. Welcome to Development and Errata Question Submissions forum!
  2. Dawnguard Destor role
  3. Gunline counter play
  4. Skorne by Incriments
  5. Skornergy of Trencher Cannon Crew... and Chain Gun
  6. Skorne Titans Fury statline
  7. State of the Circle address: Internal Balance case and questions
  8. Intended fate for Storm Lances?
  9. Balancing "Control" 'casters
  10. Why top 5% for each factions, rather than the game wide?
  11. Deliverers
  12. efficiency of a 'Jack Marshal
  13. does Wrong Eye and Snap Jaw Limiting design space?
  14. Are the upcoming command books going to change?
  15. How do you plan on making skorne more fun?
  16. NQ Theme Force Models?
  17. Cryx | Satyxis Blood Witches | Blood Mist
  18. Will there be a pass looking at improving "useless" spells?
  19. Why was it worthwhile to have nearly-identical spells like Road to War and Warpath?
  20. System balance
  21. Why do Battle Engines cost so much relative to warjacks/warbeasts?
  22. Convergence and the Errata
  23. posibility of bringing back MK1 rules.
  24. Faction Identity
  25. Warmachine / Hordes balance
  26. Grievious wound and sniper models
  27. Haley2 and the level of control in Warmahordes
  28. Why Does This Multi-Wounder Get 8 Boxes?
  29. Swamp pits
  30. Bowling: Was this really intended?
  31. Retribution Dawnguard Destors
  32. will you fix spell slave?
  33. Pre-Errata State of the Art and Theme Forces
  34. Drago
  35. [Suggestion] On Spamjacks
  36. Tactical Arcanist Corps
  37. Pyg Burrowers and Helldivers
  38. Lance rule?
  39. Dhunia's Wrath & Blight Shroud
  40. Strange design questions
  41. Seriously, what is going on with bile thralls?
  42. Hordes balance
  43. Sons of Bragg
  44. Chance of Warcaster/Warlock being Errated.
  45. Revenant Cannon Crew
  46. Revenant Crew Rifleman - Weapon attachment.
  47. Please Consider Re-working Mortenebra
  48. Fix Deathbound vs Remove From Play = small buff?
  49. Will Field Promotion stay as same?
  50. Hammerfall Highshield Gun Corps