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03-11-2012, 10:49 PM
Hey there,


So as you can see from the picture my Carnivean had LOS to the Thorn, pathfinder to charge over the wall and plenty of movement to make the charge (our bases were about 5" away from each other).

My plan was to charge in a straight line as indicated in the picture, leaving me engaging both Midwinter and the Thorn. I activated, checked LOS, declared my target and then moved the model.

As I was travelling along the length of the wall my charge target came into my melee range and as per the Errata I was still allowed to keep moving so long as my target DID NOT leave my melee range yeah? What happens if it does?

Because in this instance I wasn't able to stop moving while the target was in my front arc because of the obstruction I was on. After I had moved past the wall my target was only just out of my front arc but still within melee range *IF* I could turn and face him. I'm not sure if I could but I played it like I couldn't.

What happens next? I'm unsure if I was legally allowed to make myself fail the charge like that with the Errata reading the way it does, and if maybe I didn't fail the charge and was able to turn and face my target at the end and attack.

"Once the charge target is in the charging model’s melee range, it must stay in the charging model’s melee range for the entire charge." There also used to be a line about failing the charge after that but the Errata removed it.

Here is how it used to look:

"... it must stay in the charging model's melee range for the entire charge or the charge fails."

With the removal of the last line this seems to imply that you simply cannot leave melee range once in it.

03-11-2012, 10:55 PM
You cannot keep moving in such a way that your target leaves your melee range. Since your carnivean is unable to legally end its charge on the other side of the wall, its movement is rewound to the last legal position, and the charge fails (assuming the target is not in melee range after the rewind).

Edit: note that even if the wall weren't there you still wouldn't be able to charge Orin and engage both him and Thorn, because once you turned to directly face Orin Thorn would be in your back arc.

03-11-2012, 11:04 PM
Thanks for the reply Rydia!

That's interesting. None of us had even considered that the Carnivean would end up on the side of the wall he started on by failing the charge. What we ended up doing was letting him charge over the wall with his front arc missing the Thorn, thereby failing the charge and ending it's activation (next to the Thorn).

Your totally right about Midwinter and my plan was pretty ******** from the beginning.