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03-13-2012, 07:58 PM
I had a game with my pigs the other day vs Menoth with Harbinger. My opponent brought a Knight exemplar Seneschal, who got beat down by Brine. The seneschals rule restoration states that when he's disabled he's knocked down, etc.. but that's also when Harbinger's martyrdom comes into play. What happens first? restoration or Martyrdom?

I was told by a fellow gamer that the active player picks when two effects happen simultaneous , but I looked it up in the rulebook, even page 236 and it didn't solve my issue, unless I missed something big.

He's a few examples of this that come up often.

Self sacrifice and Tough. If the active player gets to pick, you could pick self sacrifice first, which would mean you must sacrifice or chance tough, not both.

Tough and martydom.

03-13-2012, 08:22 PM
Check the errata for pg 244.

"At any time two or more abilities are triggered at the same time, such as "attack hit" or "end activation", the active player chooses the order in which models on his models resolve, then the inactive player chooses the order in which abilities on his models resolve."

03-13-2012, 08:28 PM
You looked in Primal Mk II, page 236, the Hordes rulebook. Unfortunately, the example from Prime Mk II isn't in that book.

In Prime Mk II, on page 244, there's the example of the Bloat Thrall with Tough and Death Blast, two effects which both trigger on disabled. The example steps through the implications of how you pick one to resolve, resolve the effect, and then if you're still disabled, pick another unresolved effect to resolve. But you have to keep going as long as the model until it's either no longer disabled or it's out of effects to resolve.

If you choose to resolve Tough, you roll your die, and either heal out of disabled or remain disabled. If you heal out, you're no longer disabled, so you stop resolving disabled effects. If you don't heal out, you pick another disabled effect to resolve.

If you choose to resolve Self-Sacrifice, that's going to heal the model out of disabled if you destroy the required model.

So you could choose to resolve Tough. Then, if you're still disabled after that, you would resolve Self-Sacrifice.
Or, you could choose to resolve Self-Sacrifice first, you'd have option to destroy the other model to heal out. If you do heal out, then you would not resolve Tough because you are no longer disabled. If you don't heal out, then you would resolve Tough and be done with those two effects.

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