View Full Version : Rolling to hit vs automatically hit.

03-14-2012, 07:00 AM
I know you can roll to hit (trying to get a critical effect) against models you would otherwise automatically hit, such as models that are knocked down.
Now Im curious whether you can do the same with an attack such as Energy Pulse by the Thunderhead. Its an attack made by the Lightning Coil weapon which is a ranged weapon. Could you theoretically choose to make a to-hit roll with it instead of accepting the fact that it just hits ?.

Im fairly certain the answer is no, but I cant really pinpoint why.

03-14-2012, 07:11 AM
I think the real question there is can you choose to roll against some models, but take the auto-hit against others in the same attack?

03-14-2012, 07:28 AM
And here is the official Infernal answer:


03-14-2012, 12:41 PM
Thanks for digging up that thread. Somehow I missed it when searching, must have misspelled or something :)