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06-02-2012, 12:51 AM
So It could be that the book has addressed this as a tactical note but I just want to get how the below rules interact, or there could be something in the way Vlad3s feat is worded that makes this entire post pointless, but at the moment I'm going off what has been coming out so far.

Cavalry Ride-by attack, Sprint & Flashing Blade.

Flashing blade is a spell where you make an attack against every enemy model in melee range
Vlad3s feat grants Sprint and Side step to Cavalry models in his CRTL range

All looks simple until you reread Ride-by attack, so I'll set up the situation, nb I live in a happy place where the dice always double 6s
Vlad is currently engaged by 1 trencher*, there is a unit of trenchers* 5" away and Nemo 10" behind them
*Trenchers being the standard examples
So Vlad activates pops his feat, casts Flashing Blade to clear out the models engaging him.
He now declares a ride-by attack moves up 5" makes his first initial attack, kills moves his side-step action to gets into a better position to cast flashing blade again, clearing out the line to Nemo. Now, as I understand you get no Sidestep from the Flashing blade attacks so no extra move there. Since you've now killed everything within reach you can't hit anything with your second initial attack.

Here is where I want to get things sorted in my head.
Ride by attack states
"After it ends its combat action, the model resumes its movement. Therefore, a model making a ride-by attack triggers end-of-activation before it triggers end-of-movement effects."

Since you still have the chance to cast Flashing blade at the end of your movement as normal. Does Sprint trigger before you complete your movement since its an end of activation attack.

My thought is that you'd complete the move, be able to cast flashing blade from there, and then trigger sprint then any end of movement actions.
Someone else I know says this means you trigger Sprint, then complete the move and then you could cast flashing blade at the end of your movement.

06-02-2012, 01:29 AM
You (or rather your friend) miss-read Ride by attack. It doesn't trigger end of activation before it triggers end of movement, it trigger end of action. The trigger order is therefore end action - end movement - end activation.

You can't cast spells after you have ended your activation, which you do when you trigger Sprint. So your conclusion would be correct, you finish movement, cast Flashing Blade if you like, and the trigger Sprint and end activation.

06-02-2012, 05:47 AM
Obviously we where both misreading it.