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02-21-2010, 01:46 PM
Old story of mine that I started waaaaay back in 2006, never finished....though I do have plans to continue it. I'm gonna copy it almost post-by-post to here so that I can carry on with it and hopefully finish it....least work in some edits. ;)


~ ~ ~


Considering that my lifespan has just as short as th'average life span of a green recruit in th'middle of a battle, I'll give ya th'short version of why I've got a squad of khardies on my tail like a pack of Arguses!

Ya see I was once a Trencher corp' in th'Royal Cygnaran Army until I decided to...um...'take some leave' from my unit that was stuck on some lousy guard duty. This being a couple of days 'fore 'em buggers from up north invaded Lleal...something which I found out 'bouts a week or so later.

Course with a war on round th'Llealesse border region, I struck westwards until I hit Ord and th'infamous Port of Deceit: Five Fingers. After makin' more enemies than friends, I eventually landed a job as a smuggler running 'goods' through th'Thornwood. Being a former army scout, th'job suited me fine and I earn quite a few good crowns fer me troubles.

Then me run o'luck ended rather badly when I ran straight into a Winterguard witha crate load of stolen Khadoran cortexes on me persons. Naturally they weren't too happy 'bouts th'cortexes nor the poor bugger who had 'em.

And they weren't takin' no bribes!

That pretty much brings ya up ta speed as to why I'm bloomin' leggin' it through th'rain washed environs of th'Thornwood witha some Wintergaurd usin' me fer 'mobile target practice'!

Suddenly some buggers shouts out in Caspian, "Duck!"

Next thing I know, a whole bloody platoon of Trenchers let rip at th'Khardies forcin' th'buggers ta make a 'tactical withdrawal'. Though I ain't in th'clear yet since me would be rescuers may lock me up and throw away th'key...though thats just fer me current profession of course. Luckily I've gotta well rehearsed line, "Thanks mate, I thought 'em dogs would 'ave me again. I'm pretty sure that they would've skipped the work camp!"

It seemed to work as the Trencher smiled and replied with. "No problem, what are comrades for eh?"

"Thanks, any chance of a lit?" I said as I pulled out a cigar, however my stomach turned as I heard a very familiar and very angry voice say. "Not for you corporal, did you really think that your desertion went unnoticed?"

The phase 'out of th'cookin' pot an' into th'fire' popped through me 'ead as I came face-to-face with me former commandin' officer, Lieutenant Snell. Me reply was very short as could be expected, "Ah...frick!"

"Nice to see you too Corporal Gervase. Now, somebody tie him up before he tries going AWOL once again." Snell said with a smirk on his face.

Frickin' bastard!

08-02-2011, 01:56 PM
Funny how plans can be waylaid by life....

Anyway for anyone who's interested I'll try to repost the story here and hopefully continue it.