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02-21-2010, 05:52 PM
I was playing against eHaley today and she popped her feat.

I play circle and had mega, warden and Baldur in her cntl.

My question is....
Since the models need to forfeit either their movement or Action when activated, can a Mega or warden still use geomancy even when forfieting their action(ie. move and cast still) and can Baldur do the same? For sake of it being a fun game and for not prolonging the game too long we just settled that they couldn't and moved on.

My synopsis of this scenario would be that since you can cast a spell at anytime during your activation you can move then cast and still forfeit your activation. Same would go for Mega and Warden since that ability is not a special action and can be used at any point in the activation. Am i right?

His synopsis of the scenario is that for Mega and Warden you are forcing them to perform an action (cast a spell) and would not be able to be done since you forfeited your action. Baldur wouldn't be able to cast if he forfeited his action but still can if he forfeited his movement. Is he Right?

I think am right on this and should have pressed my point for the right to do this but for the sake of it i just forfeited movement and casted anyway.

02-21-2010, 06:19 PM
Neither warlock/warcaster spellcasting or spellcasting with Geomancy count as an action. Therefore both can be performed just fine even if they forfeit there action.

Actions themselves are defined as either a combat action (choose from intitial ranged/initial melee/special attack/power attack) or a special action.