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02-25-2010, 09:34 PM
Okay this may be me reading things wrong but here goes.
Karchev man-in-machine states:

Man in the Machine -

Karchev is a living model, but he is neither a warjack nor a warrior model. He has a damage grid and suffers damage

like a warjack. Karchev can make slam, trample, throw, headlock/weapon lock, and push power attacks without spending focus. Karchev

cannot make throws or headlock/weapon locks while his Open Fist is crippled. Effects modifying the amount of damage to or the manner in
which damage is applied to a warjack also apply to him. The B boxes of Karchev

ʼs damage grid represent his Body system. Friendly Faction

models with the Repair skill can attempt to repair Karchev like a warjack but cannot repair his Body system. When Karchev spends focus points

to heal damage, he can heal damage only to his Body system. If another model heals Karchev through a means other than repair, damage can
be removed only from his Body system. While his Body system is crippled, he cannot allocate focus. Karchev is affected by deep water like a warrior model. Apply damage he suffers from deep water only to his Body system.

So he is a living model, but not a warjack or warrior, then if i hit him with:

Anatomical Precision -
When this modelʼs melee damage roll fails to exceed the ARM of the living model hit, that model suffers 1 damage point.

Does this mean my DoTF get one free dmg point on him if i don't exceed his arm? and if so do i then roll a column like a jack or does it go to his B system? From the wording on both abilities it seems that since he is living anatomical percisoin applies, but since he takes dmg like a warjack i have to roll a column.

On a side note does he get powerfield bonus for camping focus so he can be Arm 24 if he camps it all to overboost?

02-25-2010, 09:46 PM
Yes, Karchev will suffer one damage point if the roll fails to exceed his arm. You will roll for column. Karchev gets +1 arm for each focus point on him as usual.

Apparently, models with anatomical precision can find his exposed forehead and poke it :D