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10-19-2012, 08:22 AM

I've got some rules questions. I'd be happy to hear some experts' opinions on them.

1. The Bronzeback's animus grants a model beatback. Whenever I resolve an attack, I may push an enemy model. Then, after I've pushed it, I get to advance 1". What if the model I was hitting has been knocked down? It can't be pushed, so does that mean the Bronzebackcan't advance 1"?

2. And Am I reading that correctly? After resolving any normal attack I can use beatback? Even after I missed my to-hit-roll?

3. You can't charge if you have a speed debuff on you. But what if you have a speed buff that cancels out the debuff? Like a unit with iron flesh benefitting from the tyrant commander's +2-move-battle plan?

4. If I have a unit with ranged weapons, can I choose to fight in meelee with some of them while shooting with the others?

5. When repairing awarjack, do the boxes I repair have to be adjacent? Can I roll a three on the number of boxes fixed and say: I fix one cortex box, one movement box, and the right arm?

6. Do spells miss wracks automatically if they have focus on them?

7. Animi cast by warlocks count as spells as well as animi. So if I have a range self spell on my caster and have him cast a range self animus on itself, does the first spell expire?

8. I can activate a unit of zealots, use it's minifeat and then run, because minifeating is not an action, right? Same with the Avatar's gaze of Menoth?

9. When can a warlock/caster cast spells? Only during his action? Or also before his movement? Can he interrupt his movement to cast?

10. Mollik Karn can force other models to reroll their to-hit-rolls against him. If those rolls were bossted, are the rerolls boosted, too?

11. A Bronzeback Titan charges a Menoth jack with enliven. After taking damage it advances backwards. Is the bronzebacks beatback activated first or does the enliven movement come first?

12. The Menoth jack charged by the bronzeback moves away 4". This triggers counter charge. so the bronzeback can charge the same jack again. Is the second charge damage roll boosted?

13. A warlock can't reave fury from a model, which is removed from play? Does this mean Farrow slaughterhousers stop reaving?

14. And last but not least, I'm pretty sure the answer to this is right in the rule book somewhere, but I can't find it: Can I gain charge dice against models that I was in melee with before my activation by moving 3" past them (while remaining in their front arc of course)?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

10-19-2012, 08:48 AM
One question per thread, please. https://privateerpressforums.com/showthread.php?1767-Welcome-to-the-Rules-Forum

10-19-2012, 08:57 AM
While the above is important and true, it's probably not worth 14 threads to answer these. These have all been asked before, however. Use the search function next time.

1. You can push knocked down models. They just can't be slammed.

2.No. You need to hit.

3.No. The rule that says you cannot charge with speed debuffs specifically says that offsetting buffs don't help.

4. Yes. Each model acts independently. They don't have to all do one thing unless ordered to.

5. No, you can remove the damage from anywhere on the grid.

6. No, it only applies to ranged attacks.

7. You can cast spells on yourself. They only don't stack if they are the same spell, or if they are both upkeeps, or if they are both animi.

8. Yes, but you must do it before you run, because your activation instantly ends after the run.

9. Any time they aren't already taking some kind of action. So they can't interrupt their movement, cast, then continue their movement unless they have a rule like Ride-by attack.

10. Yes.

11. Bronzeback first. Beatback triggers on hit, enliven on damage.

12. If it moves at least 3", yes.

13. Yes.

14. No. If you have melee range to them, you cannot charge them. If they have melee to you, but you're not in melee to them, then you can charge.

10-19-2012, 09:06 AM
14. And last but not least, I'm pretty sure the answer to this is right in the rule book somewhere, Sorry for the really harsh answer, But significant portion of your questions, are answered clear as day in the rulebook. The rest are pretty clear, but your forgive because a lot of new people don't realise how clear PP's rules are.

10-19-2012, 09:44 AM
14. No. If you have melee range to them, you cannot charge them. If they have melee to you, but you're not in melee to them, then you can charge.

Your answer might confuse him, so I think we should clarify.

Already having the target in your melee range doesn't prevent you from declaring a charge against them. In most cases, it just means you won't be traveling the 3 inches required to get the boosted damage roll. It is sometimes possible (if you have reach), to charge off to the side and still get the 3 inches, even if you were already engaging the target, and that's perfectly legal as long as the positioning on the board happens to allow it. You just need to keep several other things in mind; primarily, that when you charge someone, and you get them (or they are already) in your melee range, they must stay there for the duration of the charge, meaning that if you charge off to the side of a model to try to get the 3 inches, you can't charge in a way that makes your target leave your melee range, even for a moment. The fact that you later turn to directly face them doesn't change this. So if to get the 3 inches for the boosted damage, you have to move *your* front arc a bit past the target, that's an illegal charge, even if you never left the front arc of the target.

10-19-2012, 11:30 AM

We do request that you try to keep threads to one question (or group of related questions) each. Lanz was kind enough to go through and provide an answer for each so far, but I'm going to lock this thread because it will quickly become confusing if you ask for clarification on any particular one. If you do need further clarification on any of them, feel free to ask that in a new thread (and you can link to this one if you want).