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10-29-2012, 05:19 AM
Hi all

As it suggests I want to make 100% sure

So fearless stuff ignores abomination and terror - This has been infearnaled to the contary a number of years ago?

IF I am made fearless by the effects of a spell or effect for example Joseph Gregorvich I make a check at the end of my opponets turn as that is when the effect ends?

All help is very appreciated

10-29-2012, 05:35 AM
The only effect of abomination/terror is that it can cause a command check. Fearless models always pass command checks and never flee, therefore abomination/terror has no effect on models while they are fearless. Note that even though they automatically pass the test, they still "took the test," page 85 prime.

The rules for abomination/terror require a test when the models are exposed to a new source of abomination /terror. So much like if a unit passed a fear check while in melee with a abomination unit, they don't need to recheck in subsequent turns so long as they have continuously been exposed to the same terror/abomination causing entity. "A single terrifying entity can cause a model or unit to make only one command check per turn due to proximity. Additionally, a model or unit that passes a command check caused by its proximity to a terrifying entity does not make further command checks as a result of proximity to the entity if it remains inside the range that triggered the effect." Page 85 prime.

If you are made fearless by a spell or effect such as Joesph's speech, the models immediately stop fleeing as models that are fearless never flee. Yes this means that you can activate Joe first, give them fearless, then activate the unit and have them operate normally that turn, instead of having to flee then rally. "Fleeing models that become fearless immediately rally." Page 85 prime.

Also when a model/unit attempts to rally normally, it does so at the end of an activation where the model/unit fled. So the sequence be something like.

1. Player A turn 1- advances into terrifying entity range - fail test activation ends, or suffers massive casualties through freestrikes etc).

2. Player B turn 1- kills player 1's dudes (may cause command checks through casualties abomination etc)

3. Player A turn 2- activates models like normal - when a fleeing unit activates it runs, then after it runs it would take a command check to attempt to rally. Unlike other games there is no rally/command phase, rallying is attempted at the end of a units activation.

10-29-2012, 05:45 AM
Also, there is no need for an Infernal ruling on this, as it is Prime MK-II on pages 34 & 85, and in Primal MK-II on pages 33 & 87.