View Full Version : Steamroller Objective Destroying Scenarios

Vishnu DoW
10-30-2012, 07:31 AM
A curious problem came up in Steamroller scenario 4 (Guidon Bearers) the other day. I know objectives cannot be damaged in the first round of the game, but I went first and thus had the opportunity to destroy the enemy objective on the top of round 2... But points cannot be scored that early and it says that a player receives 2 points for destroying the enemy objective.
If I had destroyed his objective (I actually only ended up getting it very low) would those 2 points have simply been lost to me for the game?
EDIT: Wow... Okay we cannot read. Apparently the points are for controlling the enemy objective, not destroying it. Idk if this is a problem in other scenarios. I notice that 'Destruction,' where you do get points for destroying, does not specify 2nd player's 2nd turn like most do so there appears to be no problem. Sorry guys!!