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This is an idea I had for a battle between Amon and Thagrosh. The idea is that Thagrosh is still evolving into his Messiah form during this time. Take a read and let me know what you think. If you like it I'll write more on it.


Thagrosh watched in slight awe as the fatal blow was struck. As if watching in slow motion the great ball slammed into the side of the Carnivean?s massive face. Teeth flew, jagged and broken, from its maw as the weapon followed its circular course. The great beast started to fall, the massive welt already rising on the impact side of its muzzle; Menofixes littered the fresh bruise from the carvings on the opponent?s weapon.

The Carnivean landed with a loud wet thud, its blood already congealing in the snow. Oblivion?s ball circled around as its wielder reined in the chain. Amon Ad-Raza looked over the blooded snow. Around him lay dead Menites. They had died in battle. Intermixed between their bodies were the lifeless mutations. Some of these? things looked like elves, horribly mutated albino elves; while others looked like creatures out of nightmare and story. All now dead.

Snow continued to fall across the landscape, and oddly esthetically pleasing. The monks here taught the word of Menoth to the Kosites, but they were called home to aid in the Harbinger?s , and through her Menoth?s will. He looked down at the Allegiant?s freezing corpse. The young boy had promise, and his faith in Menoth was unmatched. His life was a waste now on this frozen plain, but his soul now served his god. This is as it should be.

Thagrosh watched this mountain of a man, studying him. His aura burned as if lit ablaze, as if Menoth had blessed and baptized this human himself. He had watched his personal guard fall before this man. The Carnivean had struck him solidly with full rage, and this man shrugged it off, like the shooing of a fly. This was not just a man. No, this mountain of flesh and muscle was among the chosen. He too would fall before the power of Everblight.

Thagrosh had come south to be alone. Something was happening to him, the physical changes in his body becoming more and more complex. Horn and bone grew up his spine and sprouted forth from his head. The strength that enriched his body now grew stronger every day. Things grew forth from his back, like large lumps, it felt like bone and sinew stretching, tearing, and growing beneath the stretched bulbous skin. Vayl had prophesied this would be the safest place for this metamorphosis to run its course. A matter he would be sure to take up with her later.

The Menite unconsciously wrapped the heavy chain back around his arm, coiling his weapon as if it was the weight of a feather. I will feast on his heart when this is done, he thought. Only he didn?t think it. It was the other. He came through more often these days; louder and clearer. There was no longer mis-communication between who he once was and what he had allowed in himself. And the ?he? that he was becoming. Even Rapture was changing. The blade once buried and locked away from the world was now growing and changing as well. What was he becoming? My Messiah.

Thagrosh stepped forward, for the first time exposing himself to his enemy. Stepping of the bodies of Menites and blighted Nyss. By the wayside were his Nephilim Soldiers, his personal guard, and of course the recently dead Carnivean. He never took his eyes off the monk, who now stood motionless amongst the dead, his head bowed in prayer. The prophet of Everblight stopped beside the carcass of the fallen Carnivean. He reached down with his giant right hand feeling the cold leathery skin and harden carapace beneath his flesh.

?Arise.? Thagrosh commanded. His own blood seemed to pump out through his own skin following his fingers down, then soaked in to the dead beast. He would not waste this creature; nay revival was the only option. A wet snort splattered forth from the beast, choking in the air as it returned to life. Thagrosh felt more then saw the eyes of the monk open.

A sick sound disturbed the peaceful environment; Amon?s eye sprang open in awareness. His silent prayer to Menoth now disturbed. Before him the beast breathed in life once more. Above it stood something that actually scared him. There was no way in simple words to describe this thing. Nothing he had ever seen matched the physical description of the thing before him. It was almost similar in size to the resurrected creature now standing, only this one was intelligent. It looked at him with malign dignity he couldn?t explain.

Amon let the fear flow through him, wash over him like a wave and then passed as the current move on. He released the chain feeling the links flow though his hand. He began to spin the chain, the ball first moving in an infinite loop then moving back in a circle to his right before returning again in the eternal pattern. Amon said nothing, standing in place feeling everything around him.

Thagrosh merely twitched his fingers towards the monk and the Carnivean understood, moving forward toward the opponent that only a moment before dealt the death blow. Thagrosh moved around slightly, moving in towards the flank of this mountainous man.

Amon?s eyes shifted back and forth between opponents without loss of concentration. It was almost with a prescience that he jumped out of the way as the acidic spew vomited forth from the unhinged jaw of the great beast. The spinning tumble landed Amon at feet of feet of deviled one; Oblivion?s ball deftly tagging the serrated blade of his opponent weapon, keeping him from being decapitated.

Thagrosh brought Rapture?s blade down on the monk as he jumped in front of him, but that damn ball collided with his stroke. The luck on this man was incredible, but it wouldn?t last another stroke.

Amon rose to his feet in the roll, his ball and chain swinging rapidly. Already the beast was moving in behind him, as he kept his eyes upon that of his primary opponent. Sweeping Oblivion down, Amon cast his energy down at the ground. In his own lands this would kick up the sand in a damaging blast that would kick back an opponent while injuring them with the searing grains, but here in the frozen north of Khador a mish-mash of ice and rock exploded outward.

The very ground beneath Thagrosh exploded?

eButch rocks!.
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That is one cool story you got yourself there, Turbulence. I would be proud. You should completely write more!.

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I have been late in keeping up with my reading turbo.
Great read - hope you finish it.

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