View Full Version : Excarnate + Take Up

05-30-2013, 10:40 PM
Excarnate removes living warrior model from game and after it is removed from play, new grunt can be placed to play.
Take up triggers, when model whit take up is removed from game and it allows grunt in 1" be removed instead of model whit take up.

Do excarnate's second part trigger, if it is used on model whit take up, and enemy uses take up to remove another grunt instead? Model is removed from the game, but it's not the same model targeted whit excarnate.

05-30-2013, 11:59 PM
Timing sequence:
Boxed. Excarnate triggers. Causes remove from play and grunt creation.
Then Remove from play triggers take up.

As I see it, Excarnate's second part still happens. I could be wrong though.

05-31-2013, 03:13 AM
Take Up only tells you to remove the Grunt from the table; it's still the original model that is Removed From Play.