View Full Version : eDenny Feat Clarification

03-30-2010, 12:18 AM
With some of the clarifications to the way the Avatar's gaze and Stakov's feat effect your in activation movement vs out of activation movement, does the same apply to eDenny's feat?

As worded:

A model effected by shadow bind suffers -3DEF and for one round when it advances it cannot move except to change facing.

When MKII first came out I had hoped that the universal use of the word 'advance' would simplify things but based on some other instances it seems to be murky still.

So the question is, can you countercharge, or get a vengeance move, etc while under eDenny's feat?

Is "when it advances" only referring to its activation movement much the same way the Avatars gaze of Menoth refers to it?

03-30-2010, 01:04 AM
"advance" also includes movement that is outside your activation like Countercharge.