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Restarting the chronicles of trollkin warlock Devlyn Stonerider here. for a recap check out the previous topic named Trollkin Wars. Because its a flash forward I've decided to start it on a fresh topic. Hope you enjoy.

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Chapter One: Necessities

At times this was perhaps the most boring on duties, yet Hanso Corvic knew what would be in store for himself and the Khadoran 8th border legion in the coming months. The Demolition core Shock trooper watched from his position on the line while engineers began erecting the first of many structures for this new border camp. At the outer edges he could clearly make out Kovnik Yvonacan directing his Decimator in the mediocre but necessary task of cutting down thick tress for timber. It seemed like a waste of the great jacks potential but haste in the construction of this sight had pressed warjacks across the entire border into medial duties to quicken the work. With the capture of the Thornwood they must complete building fortresses and scout posts such as this to ensure their newly conquered lands from the southerners. The Cygnarans did not scare Hanso, as much as the many unknown beings that the cursed Thornwoods housed. Tharn, Cyrx and Trolls were an ever present danger in these dark woods and the sooner shelter was complete the better as far was Hanso Corvic was concerned. He tightened his grip upon the Ice Maul hammer that was his primary weapon, checked the steam levels of his armor and waited the order to shift lines with one of his fellows.
Unknown to the Khadorans, one of those ever present threats was just out of sight this day.

"Hhmm, I never thought I would see redskins this far south." Gorrow Axeblocker grumbled, holding his Axe ready for battle. There was a chipper of small voices from the underbrush, Pygmies sharing a giggle before being silenced by a single glance of their leader.
Devlyn Stonerider looked away from the pygmies and back to the Khadorans. He had faced Khadorans many times, having been born and raised in the Scarsfell forest. The greatest battle of his life had been against a vaulted Drakhun, the proud warrior finally brought down by the Stonerider and his now gone Bison Bol. To honor that warrior Devlyn had appropriate the Khadorans shield and melted parts of his armor into a mighty ball and chain. Both were gone and it was time to fix his problem. "This shouldn't be difficult, be ready to move on my mark."
Gorrow nodded, gesturing to the line of Trollkin waiting behind him.

04-02-2010, 11:08 PM
The first sign of danger was when Kovnik Yvonacan held a hand into the air and silence befell the camp. Corvic turned to watch the Greylord clench his fist, his eye line directed at the forest edge. With a twist of the pressure tap more steam vented through his armor to bring the shock trooper armor to full power. Other shock troopers and Winter guard around him formed a tighter line, searching for threats. The Greylord pointed to the forest and was caught looking the wrong way.
From a different spot in the woods a Dire Troll charged out at the Khadoran warjack, catching it with meaty blows of its fists. Metal was crushed and plates shattered under the blows as the warjack was pushed back. Before it could bring his ripsaw or cannon to bare the Dire Troll seized it with both fists and lifted it into the air. With the strength only a Dire Troll could muster the warjack was tossed into a body of soldiers, crushing all unable to flee in time.
Around the Shock troopers the forest came alive, Trollkin rushing out to meet them in battle. With parts of the line cleared of trees the winter guard formed a hasty line and opened fire at maximum range. Several Trollkin were visibly hit but none fell, the blows almost insignificant stings. Behind the first wave of Trollkin Stepped a full blood Troll, hoisting a thick spear at shoulder height and throwing it in Corvics direction. The Shock trooper raised his mace as if to deter the incoming weapon but it didn't matter. The spear caught Quinnan Petrollic beside him, penetrating the heavy shock trooper armor and sending the soldier flying backward beyond the line.
The winter guard fired again before melee was upon them, this time concentrating their fire. Several of the Trollkin warriors fell under the barrage, taking more bullets then Corvic had ever seen anyone require to die. Through these fallen trollkin a figure charged, a huge Axe in his arms. The trollkin swung the weapon as wide as he could, catching at least three winter guard in a bloody haze of dismemberment. More winter guard came forward to attack him but were cut down by rifle fire from the tree line. Corvic looked out but could not see who or what was firing the guns. He turned his attention to several troops standing beside him in the gap left by Quinnan "You there, push through to the forest and stop that gunfire. We will engage the Trollkin!" he didn't wait for a reply, running at the nearest Trollkin he could see. The warrior cut at him with a smaller Axe, the weapon dulling against thick Khadoran steel. Laughing, Corvic swung his Ice Maul and smashed through the raised shield that was the Trollkins only true protection. The warrior grunted in pain and fell back, holding his Axe out before him in resistance. Corvic was not impressed, swinging high and bringing the Ice Maul down with a satisfying thud that shattered the trollkins skull. Still alive the troll collapsed to the ground, bleeding from what remained of his eyes and mouth. Hanso looked around him, watching man and beast battle hand to hand. Small pockets of Winter guard made for the forest edge but were pinned down by the rifle fire they were supposed to be stopping. Corvic ignored this and looked for the Kovnik that was their most potent weapon. He found the group commander using bursts of chilled air to hold the Dire Troll a bay, the huge beast unwilling to get close and using both hands to shield its face. The once great Decimator had never joined the battle, another smaller Troll having came through and beaten it back down to the ground with bashes from its ball and chain. Corvic made his way to help the Kovnik but never had a chance to help him. Barely out of the Dire Troll's grasp Yvonacan took a rushed step away from it and landed safely in the clearing.
From the forest edge a massive tongue wrapped around the Kovniks body and he was hurled screaming out of sight. There was a wet crunch followed by silence.
A ghastly Troll leapt from the wood line, huge fists, big mouth and long feet. Its tongue appeared again, seizing an unlucky engineer and hurling it into the gaping maw that was the trolls mouth. Burping in delight with its quick meal the Troll jumped forward again, sending men flying with both fists. The Dire Troll and smaller armored troll joined the carnage, tearing into the heart of the campsite.
Seeing a bloody death for all Corvic called the retreat but the battle was too thick. Around him men fell, his friends, comrades and countrymen. Trollkin had fallen but as a testament to Trollkin stamina many rose again as wounds healed in minutes faster then a human could in days.
A shout drew Corvics attention. Before him was a massive trollkin, carrying what looked to be a spear salvaged from a cygnaran warjack. Hanso swung his Ice Maul but the Trollkin blocked the attack, turning the spear swiftly and catching the shock trooper under the chin with its blunt end. Corvic stumbled back, again swinging with his hammer. The Khadoran weapon connected with the Trollkins torso this time, the creature being batting an eye. In the corner of his eye Hanso saw the spear throwing Troll cry out in pain but this didn't mean anything to the shock trooper. The Trollkin raised a hand, the earth shaking beneath the Khadorans feet. Men fell back and were set upon by rampaging trollkin. Hanson fell onto his back, the Ice Maul before him. He tried a quick thrust at the Trollkins chin but the skilled warrior parried the blow. With a strength unseen before by the human, the Trollkin raised the spear and pierced it right through the Shock trooper armor covering Corvics chest.
He felt it puncture the whole way through his body.

Devlyn Stonerider surveyed the battle around him, seeing it wane quickly with so many killed so quickly. The winter guard had broken under his Kriel warriors charge and ran straight into the three trolls culling everything that moved in the camps center. Vera the Dire Troll slapped men away, each blow capable of breaking necks and spines. Swin, Devlyn's Bouncer, used his ball and chain to send lines of running khadorans flying away with every swing. Toad, the strange Swamp Troll Devlyn had found near the Gnarls ate men as quickly as his tongue could drag them into his gullet. The force of Shock troopers had put up more of the fight, but Gorrow Axeblocker had lead the way and the Trollkin had quickly encompassed them and dispatched each with all the force fist and Axe could muster.
Beneath Devlyn the dying human he had pinned gurgled, surprising the war leader he was still alive. Devlyn leaned forward, wanting to hear the dying mans words.
"......ah....why....?" was all he could muster.
Devlyn pondered this word spoken in Khadoran, picking up the dropped Ice Maul. The weapon felt good in his hands, sturdy and well crafted. It had been designed for battle and was likely to see many. To the dying human Devlyn decided to be honest.
"I was in need of a new weapon, and I only trust northern steel."
The shock trooper looked, well shocked, by this and spent his last seconds thinking it over. Devlyn brought the newly acquired Ice Maul above his head and thumped it down upon the shock troopers face. Around the shattering weapon armor and dirt froze, the gory remains of a human oppressor christening the new weapon of Devlyn Stonerider.
"Peace of Dhunia be with you." he whispered, feeling the weapon glow in his hands with chilled power. Happy for the first time in months he set the weapon down and called over his lieutenant. Gorrow wiped blood off his armor and awaited new orders.
Devlyn delivered. "Secure the camp. Have the men load any ammo and materials we'll find of use. Leave no trace of our warriors but lace the camp with our appropriated extras."
Gorrow nodded, heading over to the Pygmies gathering with sacks full of Cygnaran military gear stolen i recent raids.
Devlyn Stonerider, once the rider of war, now being hailed the Hammer of the Scarsfell, set his Ice Maul across his shoulders and walked away from his handy work.
His real battles were to be fought elsewhere.

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Khadoran Post Battle Report

Witness: Surveyer Roland Kerenovich.
Subject: Unknown battle at construction watchpost TW-23
Statement: As ordered I have made my way to the site where 73 Khadoran soldiers and 50 civil engineers were reported missing. I have found the remains of a battle, lost by our patriotic forces but unclaimed by any nation. Missing bodies, blood splatter and scavenging initially suggests hostile Trollkin or unknown Cyrxian intervention however further investigation indicates these actions may have been post battle. At points around the sites perimeter are signs of formation fire, likely from long gunner rifle lines. Discarded casings from rifles known to be in common use by Cygnaran military shows the possiblity of long gunner volleys from the treeline into our troops. Whilst these weapon can be found in use by non-cygnaran forces a number of used smoke grenades indicates trencher acitivity and this evidence points toward a coordinated strike by Cygnaran troops against our new border. Salvaging of metals and bodies is likely to have taken place in the hours and days after battle by beings unknown.
Conclusion: Several recommendations by this report.
A: The fortification of all forward positions still in construction phase.
B: Pre-construction clearing of the forests to a suitable distance from camp to allow better visability to our forces against future ambushers and assaults.
C: Recommend immediate scouting of all current sites for signs of Cygnaran forces waiting in ambush, resecure all lines.
D: Recommend immediate retalitory strikes against Cygaran fortifications across the border to discourage future adverturism into newly aquired Khadoran Imperial lands.

End of Report.