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12-02-2009, 09:16 AM
First, Let me introduce your Rules team for this forum. We call them the Infernals.


These fine soldiers of the shadow are here to answer your question and help you resolve any issues you have with the rules. Their words are official.

Please remember that none of us are perfect, we will make mistakes, and we will correct them. The infernals pull many long hours for you. Please treat them with the respect they deserve.

If you have any issues with something in this forum please e-mail Jack (Jack@privateerpress.com) and he will do his best to take care of you.

The Infernal team wants to encourage a cooperative community that can answer most questions itself. To that end, we use the following general guidelines:

We will lock a thread if the original question has been answered and it's apparent the original poster has seen the answer. When a thread is locked without comment, it means that the question was answered correctly.
If a question can be answered simply by providing a relevant rules excerpt, an Infernal may simply post the rule quotation and lock the thread.
Unclear questions may be left open to community discussion and debate, as long as the thread remains civil and productive. Just because an Infernal has not posted in a thread does not mean we're not aware of it. If a thread starts to get out of control or anyone starts attacking anyone else in the thread, it will be locked. Once the Infernal team has a concrete answer verified with the Warmachine/Hordes development team, it will be posted and the thread locked if it was not already.
We do not approve of thread necromancy (which is posting in and old and gone thread bringing it "back to life"). Threads are locked, usually without reading any further, when this happens no matter what the thread is about. If you think an old topic deserves some more conversation, please start a new thread on the topic, and feel free to link to the older thread.
If we lock a thread for any other reason, we will do our best to make it clear why the thread was locked.

Asking Questions

Before asking your question, double check the rulebook, and check the index. Many common questions can be answered by re-reading the rules. Looking for key game terms in an ability's description and making sure you know the definition of those terms can often clarify issues. Also, you might try the search function to see if it has already been asked and answered.
Please ask only one question per thread unless the questions are closely related ("my model has effect XY. Can it do A? Can it do B?"). This makes searching easier and keeps discussions from derailing.
Questions should be asked in a clear way. Avoid nicknames and abbreviations for models as well as model abilities. Please cite the rule you are asking about (quote the text and please note the source). You do not need to give us a battle report in your question, ask your question specifically and if people are unsure as to what you are asking they will ask for more information.
If you feel the answer to an question is unclear and the thread is too old (see thread necromancy, above) or locked, or if you have further questions on the topic then please start a new thread and ask.

Answering Questions

Please don't try to answer questions based purely off memory. Conjecture and debate are certainly welcome in any thread regarding an unresolved issue, but if someone just needs a yes/no answer on a straightforward issue it does little good to give four different possible answers depending on the specific wording of the abilities when you don't have such wording in front of you. Someone will certainly be along shortly that does have their cards/books on hand.

Welcome to the rules forum.

10-03-2011, 08:29 AM
Please note that this welcome thread has been upated for up-to-date Infernal listing and for content.