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09-29-2013, 11:02 AM
In a recent game we had a strange interaction caused by a ride by attack and my opponent and I were not able to resolve the issue quickly so we just let it go as a failed command could have been too pivotal to the game and we were enjoying ourselves so it went.

So, the situation was the I have PoM Temple Flameguard unit with the UA which gives my unit Tactics:Terror amongst other bonus'

My opponents Cygnar Stormlances unit declare a Ride by Attack and move into Melee with my TFG.

I call for a Terror check and he says its tested when you end movement, which ride by says you dont do until you have finished moving, and as such he didnt need a test. I found this very odd, had a quick glance at the rules but wasnt able to establish anything quickly so we just agreed to ignore it and check later (it was a big issue, neither unit were playing a massive role in the game)

Now at the bottom of P64 Prime, I have found

"A model or unit in melee range of an enemy model with Terror, or a model or unit with an enemy model with Terror in its melee range must pass a command check or flee"

This would imply to me that the Stormlances need a test

Now, the next bit is

"Make command checks due to proximity of with terrifying entities during a models or units normal activation when the model or unit ends its normal movement"

The ride by attacks specifically say you dont end your movement until after you have moved, at which point he was no longer in melee thus out of Terror range

Next bit

"If a model or unit encounters a terrifying entity at some other time, such as when an enemy model gains the Terror ability or a terrifying entity is placed near the model unit, make the command check immediatly after resolving the attack or effect that causes the encounter."

This leads me to believe 1 of 3 situations happen here, but non of them really make sense.

1. The Stormlances do not end their normal movement in melee range of the TFG and as such dont need a test, even though the 3rd bit I quoted says take it straight away

2. You test immediatly as the last bit says, however this would stop the unit finishing its normal movement and even denying some models moving at all, which is not the way Terror nor Ride by Works

3. You move them in, resolve each ride by, and regardless of where the Stormlances end, they need to take a Terror test after everything is done

Please help

Mr. Golden Deal
09-29-2013, 11:05 AM
3 is correct. Terror triggers when the proximity is met, but you don't actually check until end of movement, which is after the Ride By Attack is made.

09-29-2013, 12:12 PM
Yep. It's Option #3 explicitly because:

Make command checks due to proximity of with terrifying entities during a models or units normal activation when the model or unit ends its normal movement


Do not resolve abilities that trigger when the model ends its normal movement at this time. and
Therefore, a model making a ride-by attack triggers end-of-action effects before end-of-normal-movement effects.

That terror check is an end-of-normal-movement effect if the encounter happens during activation.

09-29-2013, 12:35 PM
I guess its the only 1 that makes sense