View Full Version : Are unit subtypes directly drawn from model subtypes of the unit's models?

03-05-2014, 10:24 AM
Or: Does replacing a subtype of all models in a unit replace the subtype at unit level?

Regarding this ruling:

If I understand this correctly, it breaks down like this:

1. if a unit is natively comprised of models with separate subtypes, the unit counts as all included subtypes for the purposes of list building and abilities. Eg. The Hunters Grimm counts as both a pyg and troll kin unit, and thus may be joined by a troll kin sorcerer (which can only join troll kin units).

2. Models in such a combined unit do not gain additional subtypes. Eg Grimm Angus goes not gain the subtype pyg, nor do Krump and Mugs gain the subtype troll kin.

3. All models in such composite units are affected by spells and abilities that target any of their included subtypes. Eg. Any mercenary unit joined by Capt. Jonas Murdoch would be affected by Desperate Pace from Capt. Maxwell Finn, which affects trencher units (that the unit now counts as because of Jonas)

4. Spells and abilities which target an individual model's subtype are resolved on individual basis in such composite units. Eg. Mercenary troopers in a unit joined by Capt. Jonas Murdoch cannot benefit from Maxwell Finn's Veteran Leader ability, as they themselves do not become trencher models.
Nope; you nailed it.

Thank you.

- >If I add a model to the unit with a different subtype, that subtype is added to the units subtypes.

Jonas Murdoch's Ranking Officer is written like this:

While this model is in play, models in this unit are Cygnar models instead of Mercenary models.

All Mercenary models lose their Mercenary subtype and replace it with the Cygnar subtype.

Does the unit now lose the Mercenary subtype also and replace it with Cygnar?

03-05-2014, 10:39 AM
While Murdoch is in play, that unit is not a Mercenary unit. While Murdoch is in play, that unit is a Cygnar unit.

Is there more to this question that I'm missing?

03-05-2014, 10:50 AM
I just wanted to make sure that the unit subtypes are made up from all the model subtypes in the unit.
If that is the case, then the addition of Murdoch would modify the unit subtypes also.

If not, we would have a Mercenary Cygnar unit without models in it that have the Mercenary subtype.

03-05-2014, 10:56 AM
While Murdoch is in play, that unit is not a Mercenary unit. While Murdoch is in play, that unit is a Cygnar unit.

This is correct.

While the Ranking Officer is in play, the models in its unit are considered to be models of the Ranking Officer’s Faction rather than Mercenary models.