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03-19-2014, 06:44 AM
I will be participating in a Release Event this weekend and some of the wording in the scenario has me scratching my head....

First the wording ....
Raider Bonus: A raiding warcaster with the bonus gains Vendetta [Precious Cargo]. (A model with Vendetta [Precious Cargo] gains boosted attack and damage rolls against Precious Cargo models.)

Victory Conditions
The raider wins if the River Boat is destroyed or removed from play.

The defender wins if at the start of his turn the Precious Cargo is base-to-base with the River Boat.

Now the Questions ...
So in order to win the Defender must get the Precious Cargo to the Riverboat ... The Riverboat is at the back of the map, with 30 boxes and ARM 20. BUT the Precious Cargo is 17" from the back of the board with ARM 15 and 15 boxes. Looking at the win conditions for the Defender I only need to destroy the Cargo in order to prevent him from winning. And with no Kill box I can keep my caster WAY back and just wait for my shot at the enemy caster. BUT wait ... the Raider Bonus said Precious Cargo models, as in plural, which leads me to believe that either there is more than one cargo on the board, nope not on the map, or that the cargo regenerates, nope not on the card. So ... am I missing something here or is it really that simple, blow up the cargo, prevent the Defender from winning and then kill the caster or Riverboat.

03-19-2014, 08:01 AM
It's simply that Vendetta[model type] is a general rule that gives boosted rolls against models of the indicated type, nothing more. Its wording is not restricted to this scenario.

03-19-2014, 11:10 PM
From the wording you posted i would suggest that it simply means that the Raider Bonus applies to all models in the game that have the "Precious Cargo"-ability. Same as Anatomical Precision working against all living models in the game.

Would it be worded "against the precious cargo model", it would prevent any scenario from having more than one of this kind without rewording the ability...