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05-11-2014, 01:51 AM
For the purposes of collecting corpse tokens on the Spawning vessel are Legion Warbeasts considered as living, I know there soulless so crux don't get soul tokens.
Probably a stupid question but I get a few people questioning that I get corpse tokens from Warbeasts.

05-11-2014, 02:35 AM
Whatever makes them believe that?

Living is the default for warbeasts, as per Primal, and there's no rule that would stop the Vessel from gathering corpse tokens from Legion warbeasts (Soulless very explicitly only forbids soul tokens), the same way Tharn Ravagers get to collect from warbeasts.

05-11-2014, 02:44 AM
Hmm... I saw some ability that collect corpse token but they just collect them when the living model is destroyed. So it seems that you can collect corpse token from destroyed warbeast.

If the model can only collect corpse token from warrior model then it is not possible to collect corpse token from destroyed warbeast(because it is not warrior model), but there is no restriction like that.

Short answer: Yes, you can.

05-11-2014, 06:51 AM
Great, thanks to you both :)