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Zorz Muaddieb
04-22-2010, 07:37 PM
Since I didn't want to hijack this thread:

The rules for modeling and such are fairly strict for Warmachine/Hordes.

Is it allowable to in modeling (esp for tourneys) do the following:

Change a sword to an axe on a model? Two examples:

Changing a Journeyman Warcaster to having an axe or hammer instead of a sword?

Changing a Berserker's axes into swords? Obviously you aren't changing any stats or anything, just the general look of the model.

The second question in this is what is the general rule for PP % vs. other in conversion? If I wanted to take a head, arm, leg from another model or one of those sprues of heads that are now being made by other indie companies is this a strictly no go or is there a general guideline?

As a decorative thing, scenic bases? As long as they are appropriate to the model's size they are OK right?


If I wanted to do a trophy rack of heads of models from other games for one of my Jacks would that cause any conversion issues?

Asking because you never know...



04-22-2010, 07:44 PM
As a rule of thumb, putting things on shouldn't be a problem. Your multiple heads example or scenic bases have better been an issue. I also do recall the conversion rules being OK with weapon swaps as long as they're not to change the nature of the weapon. For example, make something look big so an opponent might think it has Reach or giving a Chain Weapon to somebody who doesn't have one.

But I'm not certain, which is why a TO usually decides this sort of thing.

04-22-2010, 10:52 PM
Traditionally, the conversion guidelines want you to stick with the same kind of weapon when doing weapon swaps, so swapping a sword for an axe is not allowed. I think the reasoning is that some models are differentiated mainly by the different kinds of weapon they carry, so changing that can easily cause confusion.

As far as I'm aware there is no official issue with adding non-PP parts to PP models. Add a trophy rack all you want.

04-22-2010, 11:10 PM
I agree with the gentlemen before me for the most part. In an event I was running, if I had no problem with it, I'd then see if anyone in the event had a problem with it. If not, then I'd say play ball. Or choppy choppy, if you will. I'm currently having to build a Frostfang for my Sorsha. I got her used, and it had long broken off. I would love to build her my version of it, but since I'm going to run demos with her, it needs to look as close to original as possible.

Scenic bases should pose no problem since models now occupy a certain volume of height. Like in Prime MKII states about the Trencher Sharpshooter, even though his pose is him lying on the sandbags, he still occupies the same area (page 43-45). So I would assume that awesome resin base you saw online would be okay. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

I did a head swap on my Ashlynn with Viktoria from Malafaux and have played her in a few tournys. No one has had any problems. If the model looks like who it's supposed to be, then I don't think anyone will have a problem. And the trophy rack sounds great. My friend wanted to put heads on the trophy rack on his Goreshade of the casters he's killed.